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Quick thoughts on the news

Some quick takes on the stories in the paper:

Rev. Wright–the guy is sounding like a fringe college professor. If Obama is shrewed, enough, he’ll totally ‘divorce’ himself from the man.

Haylee (sp?) Cyrus-why didn’t the parents stay for the whole shoot? What were her grandmother and teacher thinking in allowing the picture to be taken?

Alexandra Dupree–Suing the GGW guy…heh. Sounds like she’s trying to extending her 15+ minutes of fame a bit longer. *Yawn*

Coming up in the news is supposed to be Al Sharpton’s plan to “Shut Down NYC”. This’ll be good.

Broadcast Delay

The Brother (a misguided Yankees Fan), is at Progressive Field, watching the Indians-Yankees game.

Of course, I’ve got ESPN on. My Indians cups as well.

He called during the fifth inning, when there were runners on first and second. All of the sudden there was a big cheer in the background (on his end).

Then about 10-15 seconds later, I saw the Indians get a hit to load the bases. Is there that much of a delay in live broadcasts?


Ugh….stuck here at home with congestion and seasonal allergy issues.

I’ve already consumed the Chicken Soup from mom, and Claritin, but it’s not doing what it’s supposed to (the latter that is).

I’m thinking maybe a strong cup of tea would help? Any suggestions of a type of tea?

And I can’t wait to eat Chametz again

Sharpton’s Hot Air

Because the judicial system didn’t give him the verdict he wanted, Al Sharpton is threatening to “Shut down NYC”


First off, there’s no way he’ll shut down the City. The MTA strike didn’t even accomplish that.

Second, the legal system has run its course. If he wants to protest or complain about anything, he should take it up with the Queens DA for the poor case he made.

Third–why does the media keep covering this man’s bellicose rhetoric?

Sports Day

It’s a busy day for a Cleveland sports fan, even here in NYC.

Simultaneously, we have the Indians-Yankees game and the Cavs-Wizards game.

What to watch first?

/Yankees Suck
//The misguided Brother is at the Tribe game

Joe Buck is a moron

Televised sports most annoying announcer, Joe Buck, is an idiot.

While watching today’s Indians-Yankees game on Fox, during the bottom of the 6th, when Gutierrez’s bunt went off his leg, Buck exclaimed “This is why baseball needs instant replay”.

Baseball has been without instant replay for over 100 years now, and it’s doing just fine. What the game needs is less idiotic announcers like Buck.

/Go Tribe
//Yankees Suck!

Not Guilty

Yesterday morning the city was abuzz with the verdict that the Judge handed down in the Sean Bell shooting case: not guilty.

My take on the case is that the prosecution did a really poor job in presenting its case.

The defense was very smart to waive their right to a Jury and have the judge rule on the case. A jury from Queens would’ve most likely hung the cops out to dry. The Judge on the other hand, would more likely hold the case to the standard of “beyond reasonable doubt”.

Second, the prosecution was flawed in the credibility of its witnesses, the different stories that were told and by letting the Defendants grand jury testimony be read into evidence. The testimony allowed the officers to say their side of the case without cross-examination.

With all this being said, the NYPD should take some sort of disciplinary action against these officers. Specifically Oliver and Insora deserve harsher disciplinary action. A prediction is that they won’t be allowed street duty for a while (for their own safety). The other defendant, Cooper, at a bare minimum, needs to spend a lot more time at the Range (in addition to other punishment).

Wacky Wednesday

Today was just off the wall and out of control at work. At least the early part of the day was. It got a little easier as time went on, but we still encountered some “bumps” along the way.

That’s why it’s hump day I suppose.

On the more positive side: finished NROL break-in today! Had a good set of deadlifts (185×15, 185×15). Deadlifts are such a great way to start the day. Now my next decision is how to proceed–with Hypertrophy I or Fat Loss I.

Tomorrow is “bring your child to work day”. Gotta make sure to back the bottle of ibuprofen tomorrow.

Afikoman to be more valuble!

In our family, the tradition was that us children (when we were younger that is), would hide the Afikoman during the early part of the Seder. Then when it was time for the Afikoman, we’d “ransom” it back to Grandpa.

Now it looks like the afikoman may have been a more valuble commodity this year–with the reports of a Matzo shortage!

If Matzo sales go down…predict a drop in the sales of prunes as well. (For those of you unaware, excess matzo consumption leads to some GI difficulties).

After action report: Spiced Carrot and Zucchini Quinoa

First off, I need to take a class in knife skills. (Suggestions anyone?)

Second, the quinoa may have cooked a little too long. It’s still tender and has the right consistency, but it did stick to the pot. Granted, I did omit the salt from the recipe if that would have made a significant difference? (Don’t have passover salt on hand, nor do I have cilantro.)

Third–with the limited resources I have in terms of cookware, I think overall the dish came out very well. Not as good as the first time, but considering the handicaps, I’m giving myself a good mark. This isn’t to say that there is not room for improvement. Practice makes perfect.

Back in the City

Made it back to NYC this morning.
Of course we were delayed landing at LaGuardia (when isn’t one?)

Came home, dropped my bags off, and went straight to work, to find out that I’d missed quite a bit!

After all that, had to hit the grocery store, as my shelves and fridge are pretty bare this time of year. (Plus I really don’t care for Matzo)

Now it’s time to go cook me some Quinoa!
Spiced carrot and zucchini quinoa to be exact

Reflecting on 60

As the State of Israel is about to celebrate her 60th birthday, it is important, as always, to look back on the young state’s (modern) history.

Even in its young age, the narrative of the State’s history is still a subject of debate, with the “new historians” trying to rewrite the facts of the State’s history.

In the halls of academia, the war for Israel’s history is still ongoing as pointed out by Efraim Karsh.

Karsh also debunks the new historians much more throughly in his book: Fabricating Israeli History: The ‘New Historians’

(h/t: Solomonia)