Monthly Archives: May 2008

So much for peace and quiet

This morning, I was awoken to the beautiful sounds of helicopters, car horns and truck horns.

It’s a perfect storm today on the Upper East Side. With the news stations all covering yesterday’s crane crash, 90th and 91st streets between 2nd and York are shut. Also parts of First ave (from 88th-94th) are still closed to the best of my knowledge.

There’s a street fair on Second Avenue from 66th-86th streets.
(BTW who is the imbasole who decided to let some cars down 2nd between 82nd and 81st?)

It’s the last day of the month, meaning people’s leases are up, and moving trucks are on all the streets. And since the moving trucks have to park on the streets versus some avenues, it’s more congestion.

Combine alll that with how NYC drivers love to honk their horns…and you can see why today I wish I owned a pair of ear plugs…

Crane Crash

2 Dead In Upper East Side Crane Collapse

The sister emailed me early this morning about this happening. (I was already on the West Side).

She said that the neighborhood was full of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, all with sirens on full blast (translation: she was woken up).

Shocking to say the least, as I’ve jogged by that site a few times recently.

Strange Spinning Story

So the case of “spin-rage” at Equinox goes on a Manhattan court room.

A brief recap–one guy starts screaming “feel the burn”, “great song”, “you got it girl” during a spin class in addition to grunting.
Another spinner asks the guy to tone it down. The loud spinner ignores him.

Angry guy goes, knocks noisy guy off bike, and lawsuit ensues.
Loud spinner subsequently spends 10 days in hospital, has surgery, etc.

Now what’s really weird with the story is that even after being ejected from his bike, the loud spinner got back on and finished out the class (endorphine overdrive?)

The fact that the loud guy was able to make all this noise during a workout is a clear sign that he wasn’t pushing hard enough.

IMHO, there are times in the gym when grunting is appropriate and/or acceptable. For example, if you’re moving heavy weight it’s normal to grunt. Granted, if you’re doing it right it’s not a “super loud” grunt, but its a release of air none the less.
If you’re doing curlz–no grunting. Heavy deads, bench, cleans and squats–grunt away.

Starving off Jet Lag

In a paper just published in the journal Science, a group of authors have shown that, at least in mice, not eating for ~16h can help stave off jet-lag.

Now considering the quality of airline food these days, that doesn’t sound like too daunting of a task.

Without having read the paper itself, I’m curious to see what if any implications the Orexin/Hypocretin system play in this phenomena. Perhaps though that is too speculative at this point in time.

Lacrosse final 4

Two good games today.

In the first one, I was surprised that Syracuse was able to come back and get the game into OT. Virginia seemed to dominate the first half. And how many times did UVA hit the pipe in OT?

In the second game–Hopkins took Duke out to the woodshed. That was not the kind of game Duke had played during the year and Hopkins just controlled the tempo and everything.

Killer Workouts

Today I was almost totally spent on the gym floor

Was doing Fat Loss II–workout B from New Rules of Lifting.

Bulgarian split squats + shoulder press were torture on my upper body. The squats I can handle (a bit better), but when it’s 24 reps total per set…that’s a bit brutal, no?

Return to normalcy

Grandma sadly went home today as it was great to have her here. She’s so proud of her grandchildren.

Last night we dined at the Kosher (dairy) Italian restaurant Va Bene and it was very good. The previous night we’d had a big family dinner and the night before, I had dinner with Grandma and a cousin.

Now I’ve got a lot of catching up to do for the past few days here at home (read as: laundry, cleaning).

Normalcy to hopefully return soon.

Grandma Is Here

Grandma is staying with the Sister and I while she’s in town for my cousin’s commencement.

She’s staying in my room, so limited to no web access for me at home. Doesn’t matter though–cause grandma is here!

Rainy Run

Decided to go for a run this afternoon. Just my luck, the skies decided to open up and drop a deluge as I was jogging along the East River. Go figure.

Set a new distance record for myself…something which I hope to soon surpass.

Giambi’s Thong

Baseball is definitely a game steeped in folklore, tradition and superstition.

Players, while in slumps as well, also have their own rituals. One of the weirdest ones amongst current players has to be the revelation that Jason Giambi has a “lucky thong” and that he shares it with his teammates.

One of the first things that comes to mind, is how uncomfortable that must be to wear while running the bases. As Derek Jeter is quoted:

“it’s so uncomfortable running around the bases.”

That plus having to wear a cup must be a rather unpleasant experience.