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Another reason to use free-weights

Woman “sling shot” from machine at gym

Honestly, I feel bad for the woman, and the cheap shots that the Post took at her for her weight. That’s not right. Hopefully in spite of this indicent, the woman will at some point return to going to the gym.

On the topic of the abductor machine…men should virtually never be seen on one (save for very certain exceptions). Squats and deadlifts will work the hips better than anything else. Then more squats (and or a variation)! Sure they’re “harder”, but the challenge is worth it.

/loves squats
//leg days rule
///after leg day….well….

Cuil:Fail Engine

Anyone else tried that new search enginge Cuil?

I don’t like how it displays the results. Nor do I like how inaccurate many of the results are compared to Google. Then there were the reports of its downtime as well.

Trans-Fat Torture

(via Don Surber’s blog)

Hot McDonald’s French fries and a call home encouraged Salim Hamdan to cooperate under interrogation but Osama bin Laden’s driver did not like cold fries and isolation upset him, witnesses said at his Guantanamo war crimes trial on Friday.

Now did those McDonalds fries have Trans-Fats in them? If so, that may be torture in a sense.
Nor can you blame the guy for disliking cold fries…

California Terminates Trans-Fats

Schwarzenegger Terminates Trans Fats

Granted, as one of the experts quoted in the article said:

“Perhaps the biggest issue,” said Keith-Thomas Ayoob, associate professor in the Pediatrics Department at Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, “is how much of the foods do we even need to be eating? Is this going to change obesity? No, because you’re swapping out one fat for another, the calories are the same. Would it be more beneficial for our hearts? Maybe.”

Still won’t stop people who don’t care about their diets from eating poorly.


Finished Hypertrophy I this morning and my whole body feels spent.
Exhausted all day and everything.

On the plus side, my coconut cauliflower mash turned out great!

Cooking Night!

Cooking is a lot more fun than I ever imagined.

Anyway, tonight’s cooking line up:

Albacore tuna steaks
Cocunut Cauliflower Mash
Bison Burgers
Oatmeal (type TBA for the morning)


New Deadlift PR

After doing 5×5 squats this morning (tied a PR at 245×5, but then lowered the weight…wasn’t feeling flexible enough), went on to the Deadlift.

After sets of 5×5, going up to 285 (2×5), I tossed 20 lbs more on the bar, and went for 305lb. Why? Why not. I’ve been eager to break the 300 mark, so I figured why not give it a rip.

Gripped, ripped and PR!

Been on cloud 9 all day since.
(and very busy as well)

Zionist Rodents!

If only the late, family pet, Zionist Infidel Guinea Pig (a.k.a “Cappuccino”) was still around–he’d find this story to be amusing

Jerusalem Post: Palestinians: Israel uses rats against J’lem Arabs

This story is a better attempt than when they claimed that Jews were releasing pigs in the Old City. Granted, with Israel’s feral cat population, this story seems to be quite a tall tale, yet again.