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Palin’s Appeal

One thing that I think many of the big name pundits and inside-the-beltway consultant types are missing about the Palin selection is how it appeals to the Republican base.

The base, which was turned off to the GOP-establishment in recent years has finally gotten a candidate they feel they have something in common with. It may be on a variety of issues or just one or two, but the appearance of outside the beltway new blood. Either way, the base itself sounds rather excited by the pick.

Alas, the pundits, who have little to know understanding of the way these people in “flyover country” think, probably will fail to grasp this concept.

Obama’s Speech

No, didn’t watch it myself. Was sick. Didn’t plan on viewing it either. In terms of fairness, I’ve got no plan to watch McCain’s either.

Some of the co-workers today were gushing over it. These were people who were for Hillary (females who though a woman would be best) but now the say they feel safe voting for Obama. [Like they weren’t going to vote for him anyway?]

Seems like a very shrewd move by the McCain campaign to announce their pick today.


Okay, gotta follow the pack and make some comments on McCain’s veep choice.

She’s more attractive than Obama’s veep choice.

The question is how much “gravitas” the VP pick really has (if any) on a ticket.

From the little I know, she sounds like a good leader and figure. She killed the “Bridge to Nowhere”, supports the 2nd ammendment and is from outside the beltway. (Most of the other issues I don’t personally care about).

Not feeling well

Got a late day workloada surprise at work and since then I’m just not feeling too well.

Sitting here with a cup of tea, hoping that green tea will once again work its wonders for me.


For some reason I’m feeling a bit low right now. Really don’t know why.

It’s that kind of feeling where one just feels like they could use a good slap upside the head. Yeah…that would do it.



It’s what’s for dinner on this glorious Meat Monday
(Yes, I often plan my dinners by the first letter of the day of the week).

Beef! Beef! Beef!

Park Picnic

Spent the day at a picnic on the Great Lawn in Central Park.
Beautiful weather today to boot.
We even saw a couple get engaged from where we were sitting.

Alas, I’ve got a bad headache now (too much sun?) So off to bed I go….


Had a craving for some red meat this evening. Unfortunately, hte butcher didn’t have any extra lean ground beef or any bison available (awww!).

Settled for some turkey instead…something I’ve not had since, wow, Passover time maybe (come to think of it).

Something new caught my eye however–kosher elk!

Seemed interesting. Anyone ever had Elk before? Care to share opinions?