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Happy New Year!

In Youngstown, Ohio at Grandma’s for the holiday.

Chag sameach to all

connectivity is extremely limited…normal blogging will resume Thursday when I return to NYC

On the bailout

Granted, my knowledge of the ways in which Wall Street works are limited, but al this talk of a bailout has me thinking.

If some if not most of the huge $700 billion (!) bailout is going to be used to buy the morgages that banks like Lehman held–won’t that just wind up costing the taxpaer money? If some of these morgages are/were “toxic”, what good would it do for the gov’t to purchase them? Look what the did to the banks!

Any insight or clarification would be appreciated

Anti-Iran Rall turns partisan

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming: Anti-Iran rally turns into anti-Obama rally.

First off, I wasn’t in attendance, not for political reasons, but rather because I had work. [Try getting from the Columbus Circle area over to the UN, on a weekday, mid-day].

Second, ever since the organizers were (politically) pressured/threatened by certain groups on the left to have Palin withdraw, there’s been an uproar.

Fact is, the most vocal, anti-Iran segments of the community are probably leaning towards McCain/Plain to begin with. Second, Palin’s still got that “rock star” vibe going on–and an Alaskan in NYC could definitely draw quite the crowd. However, since the disinvite, there were calls of disapproval from some segments plus other calls for boycott by others. Doesn’t help things.

It’s a shame the rally didn’t get more than the estimated ~2000 attendees.

McCain polling well with South Florida Jews?

So says CNN…therefore take it with a grain of salt.

Personally, I put little faith in polls. Rather, I just wanted to share this Fark headline that came with the article:

Although South Florida Jews are usually loyal democrats, McCain may sway voters. “Obama is too thin — look at him. Like a skeleton. That woman he’s with isn’t feeding him enough. Oy vey.”

Let the kveteching commence

Thinking outside the bagel

Very creative article title in the WSJ the other day (I’ll find the link later)

This poll result though, has to be an anomaly…

Shock Poll: Jews Now Favor McCain in New York, 54-32

I’ll assume that most of those polled were not residents of the Upper West side?

Even with 14% either undecided or voting other, those are some suprising numbers. My un-educated guess would be that McCain is scoring higher with the more religious demographic than Obama. The main topics would probably be Israel, charter schools, his “maverick” reputation, etc.

Lehman Tanks

Wow….just wow….

At work, as things were slow, we watched Lehman’s stock as the market opened. The thing sank faster than we could imagine.

Who would’ve thought?

Meanwhile, the big question around here is what effect is Lehman’s tanking going to have on the local economy. Definitely going to mean a significant downturn in tax revenue for the city….does that mean a tax increase for the rest of us (boo!)

The Mayor expresses confidence in the situation, but I’m a bit skeptical of things right now.