Waves of Mu: Review

So I went to the performance Waves of Mu at PS 122 last night.

Didn’t really know what to expect.

The fist part of the program, is a giant room (instalation) with artists conceptualizations of the different parts of the brains. This, though a bit abstract was definitely the highlight of the evening. (pictures here). I particularly liked the portrayal of the thalamus.

Then came the performance part which seemed very erratic and non-sensible. The program started with the small (~30 people) audience having to sign a “wiaver” which was more of a thinly vailed joke at an individual consent form, used in clinical research.. The program from there began to just start veering all over the place. A few clips of an interview with V.S. Ramachandran instersupurced with some wierd acting/behavior by the 3 person cast. It was literally all over the place. Amy was very talented, and it showed, but I just didn’t understand what the point was.

Now granted, as one with a background in neuroscience, maybe I was not the target audience for such a performance. In a similar vein, my appreciation for modern art isn’t great. Nor do I have much appreciation for modern theater either. (I’m better with the visual art). So with that in mind, my review is probably a bit biased in that way.

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