Monthly Archives: November 2008

Black Friday: Bah Humbug

Wake up before dawn to go stand in line at stores?
No, I’ll pass. I was hapilly asleep instead.

I do’nt much care for the crowds, as they can get rowdy, as in the case of that Wal-Mart on Long Island

We did it

The turkey came out great!
It’s bit easier to make a Kosher bird, as one needn’t brine the bird.

my sister did OD on the quantity of side dishes though.

Plently of leftovers as well. I’m thinking turkey + sweet potatoes PWO tomorrow morning,

Bleg: Cooking a Turkey

So I am going to be making the turkey for thanksgiving dinner this year.

We’ve got a whole bird, and right now there’s only going to be 3 people at dinner (anyone want to come over?)

I however, have no clue how to cook a turkey…!?!?

Unexpected company

Isn’t it great how the sister emails me this afternoon, asking me to reserve a turkey, because we’re having 5-6 people over for dinner Thursday….

Wish she had told me ealrlier…..

Lame Duck Fest

Bush, Olmert have last meeting before ending terms

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Thoughts on the rout

A few thoughts:

–It was nice to see Boeckman in during the latter part of the game. It was especially nice to see him get a TD pass.

–The first half seemed a lot closer than it should have been. The early INT that Pryor threw really seemed to shake him up.

–The O-Line seemed to struggle in the first half (as they have most of the season). Though the opponent’s D-Line also seemed to disappear in the second half.

–Laurenitis is simply a beast.

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