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Personally, I don’t bother with them. I’d probably forget whatever resolutions I’d make in the first place.

I tend to do better with setting short term goals for myself. Once a goal is met, I may create another goal (for the same task) and so on. It’s a lot easier to keep track of things that way.

Here’s what some other professionals have to say about new years resolutions

Rerouted Trains

Like ever morning, i went through the usual paces on the subway, transferring at 59th St (and Lex) to the downtown N/R line. It’s something I’ve done countless times.

So when the N train pulled up on the downtown platform, I got on, still in m earl morning daze (it was about 6am). With my attention half in the newspaper, I realize that it’s taking longer than usual to get to the next stop. Next thing I know–I’m in Queens!

Apparently some Queens bound trains were being re-routed on the downtown track. Of course, the MTA, being the efficient organization that it is, didn’t have any signs uip alerting riders.

Stupid MTA……

Long Overdue…

Operation “cast lead”: The IDF launched a massive operation, striking Hamas installations throughout the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

The wide-scale offensive on Hamas installations in the Gaza Strip was codenamed ‘Operation Cast Lead,’ after a Hanukkah poem by H.N. Bialik referring to a “dreidel cast from solid lead.”

A good opening salvo, but the IDF really needs to go in and make a very decisive statement (unlike Lebanon in 2006).

Family still here

Took the brother to the gym and the work all day today.

Mom is staying through the weekend here. Sister’s big party is tomorrow night and there’s lots of prep/cleaning to do…

Writing a roast

I’ve got to write a roast for this weekend.

Problem is–I’ve got no clue how to write a roast (that’s not something I learned in school or any supplemental writing classes).

Ideas are very much welcome

Fat as fuel

No, not necessarily in the sense of a ketogenic of fat-adapted diet.

Rather, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon used fat from liposuction patients to fuel his vehicle!

Granted, there’s a bit of illegality involved here (it’s probably illegal to use human medical waste in such a way). What is interesting though, is the mention that some of the major meat/poultry providers are looking to use the extra shmaltz from their plants to fuel their (truck) fleets. Sound pretty cool.

Hannukah Competitions

Two Hannukah (or Channukah) stories that have their origins in New York City and Long Island.

The first is the Major League Dreidel competition–taking place at a bar on the LES. The league with a thankfully short season, features a game of dreidel very different from what previous generations of LES residents played.

Meanwhile out on Long Island, there was the potato latke eating competition. The winner, a 6’2″ bodybuilder, downed 46 latkes (7 lbs) in 8 minutes! (He has to be bulking–but even still, that’s just sick)