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Here comes the cuts

Just saw this one oin Drudge:

NYC Budget Axe To Carve Out $1 Billion (egad!)

The big question is obviously–will City Council go along with it?

From the article:

Sources say expect fewer cops, firefighters and sanitation workers.

Bad news

* New taxes and fees, including more taxes on clothing, a fee for plastic shopping bags in grocery stores and higher fees for lots of other city services.

Good thing I have my hand Trader Joe’s reusable bags….but higher fees?

* City employees will be asked to pay part of their healthcare costs.

Long overdue (imho)

This should be interesting……

Mayor Bloomberg Declares War On … Salt

Yes…that’s the headline.

Forget the City’s budget deficit. The loss of jobs. The increase in petty crime.

No…according to the nanny in chief, I mean Mayor…the biggest issue facing NYC right now is salt!

Look–if people want to buy crappy, high-sodium pre-packaged food, and consume it–let them. It’s their choice! (Ain’t that a novel concept?)

My idea: rather than spending all this money on an anti-salt crusade…why not apply the funds (if they’rw to be spent at all) to increasing police activity to prevent quality of life problems?

Mundane Monday

Thankfully, today was a lot easier at work then the past two weeks had been.
Nothing too exciting in the news for me to comment on.

Plus it’s time for 24!

More thoughts on “The Reader” (film)

I had no sympathy for Kate Winslet’s character “Hannah” as the movie progressed. Once her past was revealed, any and all sympathy which I had was straight out the window. Then again, perhaps being Jewish diddn’t necessarily make me the target audience.

Nor did i like how they portrayed the Survivor towards the final part of the movie. She came off looking as overly snooty and uptight–palying a bit too much into some of the stereotypes which people hold.

The film didn’t strike me as being of the quality needed for a “best picture” nomination either, but heck–I’m definitely not the Academy.


From the AP Wire: Top chefs push Obama to improve food policy

So Obama is a foodie–which is a good or bad thing depending on how one views foodies.

Unfortunately, Congress is less interested in educating the public about healthy eating and instead Corporate interests heavily influence food and farm policies. Just look at corn and soybeans!

It would be a step in the right direction if a message was sent promoting foods that are as close to their original state as possible (e.g. fruits, veggies, un-processed fish, poultry and meat…)