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It’s not news…it’s CNN!

CNN: How to get Michelle Obama’s toned arms

Easier answer: Diet and Exercise

How is this news again?

Update: Based on some of the comments left here, I feel that I should clairfy somethings.

First off, this post was intended to be sarcastic and is more directed as a knock towards what CNN deems “news worthy”

Second, I don’t care what the President or First Lady’s arms look like. To go back to my prior point, I don’t understand how this is news. Oh and since I’m a male, I definitely don’t want feminine looking arms.

Third and finally, if there was one politician to have arms like–it would unquestionably be those of Gov. Schwarzenegger during his reign as Mr. Olympia.


Didn’t watch the SOTU last night (I was tired). From what I gathered, Obama detailed a lot of projects (for lack of a better term) that he wants to overhaul healthcare

One of my main concerns about this, is rather than a well researched, pragmatic plan–Congress is probably going to, in great haste, throw something extremely convoluted together (see stimulus) that will make things worse for both patients and physicians.

Asleep on stage

This is just amusing on multiple levels (especially those who know me well can understand the deeper humor I see in it).

Although Lawrence Summers, head of the National Economic Council, fell asleep on the podium, most attendees, including Republicans, appear to have appreciated the exercise. There was even some light-heartedness. —Financial Times

Who knows? Perhaps Mr. Summers would be interested in having a sleep test done?

On the wedding

The wedding last night was conducted Lubuvich style (as the bride’s parents are Lubuvish). The wedding was quite long, and the ceremony itself contained countless references to the Rebbe. There was even a blessing from the Rebbe on the back of the benchers that were given out.

Lots of black hats and beards as well….so it was an interesting experience to say the least.

Most importantly, Mazel Tov to the Chassan and the Kallah!

Family Visit

Well, the parent’s flight is delayed…giving the sister and I some time to clean up the apartment (it’s mostly her crap around here anyway)

okay, gotta go get my clean laundry

Birthday Celebrations

Personally, I don’t like to make a whole to-do over my birthday (as discussed previously). Though others in my life have a different idea.

So here’s a recap of yesterday. Got the obligatory phone calls from the family (only like, oh 10 from The Brother).

At work, one of my coworkers had a basket sent to me with cans of diet soday. They know my vices–but little do they realize how much I take after my father.

Throughout the day, as co-workers ventured onto Facebook–they realized it was my birthday and the greetings began to pour in.

My department mates were even nice enough to get me a Kosher birthday cake (from My Most Favorite Foods), which they suprised me with in the afternoon. Unfortunately, little did they realize, that I’d eaten a meat lunch…so it was going to be no dairy for me until later in the evening. They even had the cake personalized–and you can find that picture on Facebook too.

Then when I got home, the sister insisted that we go out for dinner…so we went for some Kosher meat (yummy!) at Le Marais. It was okay there. The food was decent–nothing exceptional this time (I think my cut was a little too fatty for my liking–but that’s just me).

On our way home, we made the obligatory Slurpee run (wow..I’m so turning into my father)….and that was that.

Then today at work was another co-workers birthday, so the Fellows decided to get us both cake and cupcakes in our honor.

Birthday Boy

Had a nice day today…better than I expected.

Went out for a late dinner with the Sister, then it was Top Chef time (how could Fabio be eliminated?) so posting will resume tomorrow

Birthday Thoughts

So tomorrow (Wed) is my 27th Birthday.

Personally, I’m not really big on celebrating my birthday with parties, gifts or anything lavish.

Rather, to me, it’s a personal day that I like to take to be introspective–to look within and see all the positive things my life affords me.

I am thankful to G-d for giving me the oppertunity to live for 27 years, and am hoping to live for many more.

I am thankful to have good friends to whom I can turn to both in good times and in times of need.

Though they tend to drive me a bit meshugah, I am thankful for my family–simply for being who they are and doing what they do.

It is my sincere hope and wish that my upcoming year will continue to be filled with good health, happiness and oppertunities to grow.

A-Rod’s idiocy

Rodriguez says he took over-the-counter substance

lex Rodriguez offered new details Tuesday about his performance-enhancing drug use, saying his cousin injected him with an over-the-counter substance to gain an energy boost.

The New York Yankees star said using the banned drug that he said he obtained from the Dominican Republic was a “stupid mistake.”

“I knew we weren’t taking Tic Tacs,” Rodriguez said.

A-Rod’s idiocy and ignorance are astounding. While I’m not sure if steroids are available OTC in the DR (are they?) A-Rod has to have known what he was using.

How many “energy boosters” would require injection?
Plus, A-Rod is displaying a vast amount of ignoriance in hinting that he didn’t use PCT.

/not condoning the use of steroids–just saying that if one is to use them, they should know what they’re doing–unlike A-Rod.