Daily Archives: 3/15/2009


Yes! What a great day on the calendar!

It’s the 7th annual International Eat a Tasty Animal for PETA Day!
(as if one needed a reason to eat meat in the first place?) Nom…nom…nom….

Double bonus: Today is my ususal butcher shop day! So many choices….

Disclaimer: I’ve got nothing against vegetarians and/or vegans. I myself am known to consume copious amounts of vegetables. it’s just that the people at PETA are total hypocrites (to put it mildly).

Mysterious Line

When I was walking from work to the Subway Friday evening, I noticed that there was a line forming outside the Park Central Hotel. People were seated there in layers of blankets, folding chairs and even a pup-tent was up.

I had no clue what the line was for….or why there’d be a line like that in Midtown, early on a Friday night.

Turns out, those people were already queued up for an audition for “Top Model”. And apparently that line was also the scene of some chaos yesterday.

Hopefully evereything will be cleaned up by tomorrow morning….