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Biden vs. Bloomberg

Politico: Biden would avoid subways, planes after swine flu outbreak

Bloomberg To Biden: Think I’ll Take The Subway

Mayor Answers VP’s Comments About Staying Away From Crowded Spaces By Hopping On The 4 Train

Granted, I assume Hizzoner actually gets some space on the 4 line, unlike my uptown trip this evening.

Score one for HIzzoner!

(Oh, and Drudge should know, that Bloomberg doesn’t live in Gracie Mansion!)


I came home the other day to find a bicycle in my apartment.

Turns out The Sister decided to buy a bike. She mentioned to me that I should get one.

Personally, I’m hesitant to bike on the streets of NYC. There are too many stupid drivers and bicyclers (mainly the reckless delivery guys) to make me feel comfortable to do so.

Anyone done it?

Another beautiful day

Took advantage of the weather today to go for another stroll in Central Park today. This time I headed Northbound/Northwest.

Perhaps I was out a bit too long, because now I’ve got a headache (yes, I’m hydrated, I’m going on I think my 7.5L of water today).

Sadly, it’s back to work tomorrow–but on the plus side, I do get to be in an air-conditioned building all day (assuming the AC is working properly)….

Georgeous Day

It was bright and sunny in NYC today–it was great!

I took advantage of the weather to go on some walks. I think I may have put in somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 miles of walking today.
(No wonder I felt sluggish when I got home–note to self, if planning to go on long walks, up caloric intake).

Tomorrow is set to be another beautiful day!

Ayers at Brandeis

So Bill Ayers is set to speak at Brandeis.

Honestly, it doesn’t suprise me much. With Brandeis’ connection to the radical movements of the 60s-70s, on the one hand, it does make sense to bring a key figure from that era in.

On the other hand, Ayers’ actions in are beyond the pale of respectability (in my book), and I personally am not excited by his presence at my alma matter.

Does it surprise me that he was invited? No, not at all. Knowing the noisy-fringe political groups on campus, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Is this invite going to effect the way I feel about the school as a whole–no not at all.

For the record, I only have positive feelings towards the school and I miss my time there greatly–sure I have minor issues here and there (e.g. Aramark sucks) but what student doesn’t?


On my quiet

Honesly, I’ve not had too much to say lately.

Work has left me exhausted…this week I’m doing my own work plus the work of two absent co-workers…so I’m really in over my head to begin with.

Second, I reall don’t feel like jumping into the flames of the whole waterboarding/torture debate that’s going on. It looks like the debate has turned into a partisan s/he said-s/he said affair rather than an objective discussion of the issues at hand (which is dissapointing).

Third–Ive really been fatigued lately–and it’s something I’m just getting over. I think I inadvertently managed to over train myself and suffered the consequences. I’m doing better though and have seen improvement this past week (even had a good DL session today!)

Do I have things on my mind to blog about–sure I do. It’s more about having the time and energy to do so right now. .

Leading by example

A novel idea–what about having our nation’s leaders help take the lead in the growing nation’s obesity epidemic–and show how one can live a healthy lifestyle.

nah…who am I kidding…instead: Members battle the bulge

I give credit to the President for his daily dedication to working out. Now if only congress could be more like that.

Beware of equations?

Michael Barrone penned an editiorial column which starts out with the words: “Beware of geeks bearing formulas”

The column goes on to use the formulas used by “quants”, (which helped lead to the subprime problem) as a warning against using such equations to predict climate change and health care policy.

For the latter, I’m not quite sure how one could really use a formula to shape/modulate health care policy. Sure, one can do some epidemiological modeling, but besides that, what use does a forumla have? (Unless this is a discussion of figuring out how to interpret the Medicare fee-schedule…which is a whole different headache).

Does this mean increased usage of formulas like the CMS hospital rating scale? (The silly nature of the scale is another discussion).

Using modeling and equations have thei place, as one tool in a toolbox, but should not be relied upon exclusively.