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Larry King Live on Autism

For what it’s worth, it is advisable to skip over Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey at the beginning.

If you actually care about science it’s best to start watching when the panel discussion starts featuring a doctor in a white lab coat. (The doctor also bears an uncanny resemblance to Dr. House)


Not feeling well. Perhaps I over-extended myself at work today.
Just felt really “blah” and had some shivers. Perhaps it’s time to go see the doctor on Monday.

Thank goodness the Sister made a giant pot of chicken soup the other night.

Where would Jews be without Chicken soup?

A show to watch

Friday night 4/4/09 Larry King Live

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey get serious about autism! Questions – and answers -about vaccines from experts on both sides of the controversy.

My sources tell me that the second half (9:30ish) of the show will actually feature a real expert on the subject–who will likely deliver a Dr. House-esque smackdown to the silly theories of Carrey and McCarthy. (Okay, well maybe the expert will have to be a bit more diplomatic, but still…)