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Charlie Rangel is an idiot

Congressman Rangel:
“If you become an officer and you have a pistol and you are of color, in or out of uniform, your chances of getting shot down by a police officer are a lot heavier than if you were not of color,”

Not to mention that as the story has been reported now, when approached by police, the (now) deceased officer didn’t put down his weapon, and instead turned to face the (shooting) officer with his gun drawn….

From the same article:

But NYPD procedure for officer confrontation places the responsibility on the out-of-uniform officers. They are instructed to drop their weapon, stay still and to obey all directions from the uniformed officers to diffuse the tense situation.

Men’s Clubs

‘Power’ move by male students ruffles U. of C..

Interesting idea in theory. At most schools there’s a large number of groups devoted to women (or as some of the groups would preferred it spelled “womyn”), so why can’t there be a similar group for males?

This is going on the assumption that’s it’s not just a chauvinist group–rather perhaps one that foruses on some of the issues that men face (both health wise and socially)

Half-time thoughts

The Cavs did well to close out the half on a 23-7 run.

Time Warner Cable deserves to be hit upside the head for my cable going in and out through the game this evening, Not cool at all. (That’s an aside)

Could Cleveland’s shooters (finally) be warming up? Please?

Oh, and there are way too many fouls in this game (on both sides)


That’s my reaction to most of today’s headlines.

A bit surprised by the margin in the CA Prop 8 court ruling. Didn’t think it would break 6-1 either way. (Not that I’m really paying much attention to it).

Same goes for Obama’s SCOTUS choice. I don’t know much about her yet, but I figured she’d be an ideologue (really now, who didn’t?)

The North Korea situation desrves more than a shrug though. However, Asian politics and policy is not at all my forte, so I’m interested in reading what other, more knowledgeable individuals have to say about it.

Hollywood–desperate for ideas

“Bazooka Joe” to star in a film?

How does one adapt a figure who appears in ~3-5 frame comics to the big screen?

Plus most of the comics aren’t too funny at that. I’ve found the Hebrew comics to be funnier (albeit marginally) than their English counterparts. Here’s a Flickr collection of some

Now is the American made Bazooka, by Topps, as hard as the Israeli version made by Elite? My suspicion would be so, based on my memory of those sticks of gum that used to come in the Topps Baseball Card packs. (That gum was rock hard and not so good)

NCAA Lacrosse Title Game

Wow! What a finish. For most of the game it looked like Cornell just had it in the bag. Then Syracuse got those two goals in :53, and started dominating at the X.

Just when it looked like Cornell could wrap it up with a clear with ~:24 to go, they botch it and Syracuse scored the tying goal. Almost reminicent of what happened to Cornell in the national semis versus Duke 2 years ago, when they lost on a last second goal.

Quite the game…

Slurpee Run

My cheap thrill for the day: I’ve now successfully purchased a slurpee at every 7-11 in Manhattan.

Just got back from a trip down to Tribeca, where in addition to taking a nice walk downtown (Tribeca-Battery Park-FiDi-back north) I stopped by the 7-11 on Church Street, which had been the only one I’d not patrionized.

/Cheap Thrills

Where’s the offense?

Tonight’s Cavs-Magic game was quite ugly.

The Cavs couldn’t shoot the ball! It was miss after miss. Disgusting!

Yeah, the officiating was also a bit iffy at times, but that’s more or less irrelevant–the Cavs lack of offense is what has been the most appaling.

Science Journalism Fail

What’s wrong with the article below:

Yahoo: A Low-Carb Diet Can Hurt Your Memory

The study subjects included 19 women ages 22 to 55, 9 of whom were put on a low-carbohydrate diet and 10 on a low-calorie but balanced diet. All subjects attended 5 memory-testing sessions in which their spatial memory, attention, cognitive skills, and short and long-term memory were assessed. These sessions were conducted throughout the 3 weeks of the study.

First, the study was only 3 weeks long. That’s not enough time to adequately gauge a change like this. Many people who go lo-carb, take 5-10 days just to get their bodies acclimated to it.

Second, only 19 people were involved in the study, a rather small cohort. And we’re only looking at one gender here!

Personally, I’ve been doing better recently on a lower/targeted carb approach. Most of my carbs come after I workout and.or through fruits and veggies–and my overall physique has improved.

But to each their own.

The Shot-2009

LeBron’s Game-Winner.

So much more enjoyable than “The Shot” at Richfield Colosseum 20 years ago.

You know what’s really eerie–both times “The Shot” has been taken by #23, who is the best player in the league, and over the outstretched arm of a white guy. (The last item is rather irrelevant, but I’m tossing it in for similarities sake)

Chris Broussard of ESPN has a good article–which explains the significance of the shot to Cleveland fans