Daily Archives: 5/6/2009

Inner-Beauty Pagent?

Even Saudi Arabia has a beauty pagaent…well sort of

Saudi’s Miss Beautiful Morals

But at Saudi Arabia’s only beauty pageant, the judges don’t care about a perfect figure or face. What they’re looking for in the quest for “Miss Beautiful Morals” is the contestant who shows the most devotion and respect for her parents.

“The idea of the pageant is to measure the contestants’ commitment to Islamic morals… It’s an alternative to the calls for decadence in the other beauty contests that only take into account a woman’s body and looks,” said pageant founder Khadra al-Mubarak.

“The winner won’t necessarily be pretty,” she added. “We care about the beauty of the soul and the morals.”

Quality produce on the UES?

Anyone have any ideas of where to find some decent produce on the UES–especially for a reasonable price?

Food Emporium, D’agostinos and Gristides all leave a lot to be desired in the quality of their produce (and don’t start me on the amounts which they charge for it).

Otherwise, I’m stuck to heading downtown to places like Whole Foods–which is usually mobbed after work hours.

Any suggestions?