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Sounds very doable

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables rich in the antioxidant quercetin may boost endurance, according to a small study with healthy college students.
Quercetin, a compound abundant in red apples, red onions, berries, cabbages and broccoli, and green and black teas, is believed to have multiple antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and cell-energy activation properties that benefit health.

Let’s see how many of these categories did I eat today?

Apple, broccoli, berries and green tea. I like this plan.

Fruits and veggies…nom nom nom

Planning Ahead

I like to attempt to go into a day of work with a basic “plan of attack.” That is to say, for the things that I know await me, there’s a specific order in which I’d like to tackle each task.

That said, I’m very well aware that no plan goes as it’s drawn up. (Something I know all to well)

At least it’s worth a shot…

Feeling “flat”

I’ve swung form the full of energy side of the pendulum to the “feeling flat” side…sigh.

This is occasionally a sign to me to bump up my caloric intake more (though I have no appetite to do so)–the conundrum I face.

At least the weekend is here so I can rest and at a minimum attempt to recharge my batteries so to speak.

Deload week

Nothing too exciting to report from the gym this week. It’s been a pre-planned deload, just to play it safe.

I’m seriously contemplating resuming some ‘overhead” work (e.g. pull-ups/chin-ups) next week, as I’d previously dropped those secondary to my injury).

During my next training cycle, I’m also strongly considering re-introducing some chest-dominant dumbbell work (also had been dropped). Also thinking about bringing the back squat into play.

“chart blindness”

A little anecdote from working with physicians.

One thing I’ve developed a knack for is finding charts in our chart room. Perhaps it’s from having spent too much time in there filing,

However, many of the physicians seem to struggle when it comes to locating charts. Or as one of the senior physicians puts it, they seem to suffer from “chart blindness”.

The cause of this disorder is still unkown, but it is an interesitng phenomenon.

Just today I had a Fellow come looking for a specific chart. After telling the Fellow that it was most likely filed in the chart room, he claimed to have checked, and proceeded to go back to his desk to look around again. Upon strolling in a few moments later, I located the chart…filed away where it was supposed to be. Go figure…

5-day work week

Thankfully (I suppose) my furlough is over. So it’s back to a five-day work week.

On the one hand, i’ll miss not getting to sleep in.

On the other hand, I won’t miss the boredom, construction workers, school noise that I used to have to endure while on furlough.

And actually, being at work for 5 days will give me time to get through the busy work that I need to get through (a lot of it is paper pushing but there are a few projects on my plate too).

Tragic passing

My kindergarten teacher passed away today. She was a great woman both as an individual and as a teacher.

In addition to being my teacher in kindergarten, she was also a congregant at my (old) synagogue, so she was an individual who I saw often-=and who saw me grow over the years.

I still remember the first day of kindergarten, it was raining outside, and I stood at my bus stop at the corner…only to have the bus not show up for me that day. My mother proceeded to drive me to school (oh, and of course all of this was photographed) and my teacher still made me feel very welcome in class. She was a very kindhearted and dedicated individual.

She will be missed, May her memory be a blessing.

[The funeral is taking place in Cleveland, and shiva will also be sat there]

Movie Day

As the weather is really dreary here in Manhattan today, The Sister and I went to go see the movie “Hangover”.

Funny movie. Not as funny as many of our acquaintances made it out to be, but a quality film no less.

Then back home we watched “Watchmen”….way, way, way too long for my tastes. Nothing overly impressive about it to me either.