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FDA Smacks down a supplement maker

This one is just funny:

FDA Warns Consumers About Proto-Steroids Marketed As Nutritional Supplements

Why one would even bother purchasing a product with the names that the company makes is beyond me. They’re pro-hormones if nothing else–and if you don’t know what PCT is–then you really have no buisness taking them.

As for me and supplements–I’ll stick to my multivitamin, amino acids and fish oil than you.

Only in Cleveland

Only In Cleveland does the major-league baseball team trade the reigning Cy Young Award winners in back-to-back seasons……and not get a player in return who makes an immediate impact at the highest level.–D-Mans world

Trading the reigning Cy Young winner for 4 AAA prospects?!?!?!?! What the heck are they thinking in the front offices at Progressive Field?

Medicare Frustrations

If you want an argument against nationalized healthcare–look no further than trying to complete the Medicare resigstration process. Ugh!

Not only is it a large volume of paper (even using PECOS there’s still a lot of dead tree), but all the forms one must complete. There’s the 855I, 855B, 588, 460, 588R….and that’s just the start!

Then of course, Medicare or its subsidiary contractors will reject your application on the smallest technicalities (ugh).


Productive Day

Everyday, I try to go into work with a set of short-term goals, aka “things I want to accomplish today”.

Today I had a few big fish on my platter–and I’m happy to say that I was able to knock a few of them off–either completely or partially. Some of my to-do tasks involved the completion of one part of a project–so that the next phase could begin. [There was a rate limiting step controlled by third parties in this last one].

All in all, I’m very satisfied with myself today.

Now if only the weather was a bit more cooperative, no?

More flying headaches

Last night (aka Sunday/aka The Mom’s birthday), The Sister and I were scheduled on the 8:40 flight from Cleveland to LaGuardia Airport.

We got to the airport around we had no bags to check, and we’d checked in online or anything like that. There was no line at security either (my TSA rant will be another post).

We look on the “Departures” monitor and next to all the flights to LGA on Continental it read “delayed”.

So we trek all the way out to Concourse D from where our flight is scheduled to depart.

We get there, and all the display above the gate says is “delayed”. No gate agent, no nothing.

8:30 comes….no news. At about 8:45pm an update is posted on the screen saying “9:15”. This is promising.

Meanwhile, as I”m getting hungry, I find the only newsstand open on the concourse and get myself some reading material a protein bar and a bag of almonds

9:15 comes….and then the display changes to “9:45” All that’s announced on the PA system is that there’s a “hold” being placed by air traffic control. All the while The Brother, who is obsessed with transporation (especially trains and planes) is calling me with updated on the earlier flights to LGA (a 5 and 7:30 flight–niether of whcih has left).

At 9:30 the news stand closes…and all the small eateries that aren’t undergoing construction are shut too Great.

A gate agent finally appears and a bunch of people start asking to be re-scheduled for the early flights the next morning.

10:00 appears on the display.

The sister and I keep waitng 10:30…11:00.

Finally at about I don’t know, 11:00-11:15, the gate attendant says that we’ve finally been given the go ahead to board! But first they had to retrieve the crew (from the crew pre-flight lounge/room).

We finally board, and then we wait. In my typical flying fashion, just after we left the gate, I fell asleep for almost the duration of the flight.

When I awoke, it was to the flight attendant announcing that we’d arrived in NYC and the local time was 01:18 AM!

The Sister, myself and a friend of the sister (who lives in the neighborhood) all proceeded to go outside to wait for a cab. I’ve never seen the cab stand line so long–especially at 1 something in the morning! It almost stretched more than half the length of the terminal!

FInally we got back to the apartment…and I got mystuff together for today’s day of work. It was about 2am…and I planned on waking up at ~5:20 for the gym and work.

So I’ve been a bit of a zombie all day, but some strategically timed caffeinated beverages helped me eke it out through the day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to crash again.


I’m back in Cleveland for the day.

Mom, Grandma, The Sister and I drove in from Youngstown this morning. Stopped to let mom get changed (and pick up the little brother) and then took mom for brunch at Shaker Square.

Little did mom know, my sister had planned a suprise party there with some of (mom’s) friends. So she was very suprised.

Now I”m at The House supervising The Brohter and reading the Plain Dealer….

Back to NYC late tonight

I’m in Ohio!


Greetings from Grandma’s house in Youngstown, Ohio.

The sister and I suprised Grandma (who’se birthday was yesterday) and The Mom who’se birthday is tomorrow (Sun) by appearing at Grandma’s house in Youngstown.
[Hence why I was so busy last week–packing and preparations]

Getting to Ohio however, was quite the ordeal. Let’s just say, I spent more time in an airplane on a tarmac than I did in air. (I’ll save that story for later,I’m off to go spend quality time with Grandma)

Been very busy

Sorry for the lack of posting, but this week has been very busy for me both in and out of work.

You’ll see why come tomorrow. That’s all I can and will say for now.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel

This is simply pathetic:

Critics Slam Overweight Surgeon General Pick, Regina Benjamin

Why are we criticizing public officials on their looks now?

Is the nominee good at/with public health? Physician-patient rapport? Physician-medica friendly? Other skills necessary for the job?

That’s what a decision for a position like this should be based on–not someone’s weight.


Obama in Shaker?

The little brother called me with the news this afternoon, that President Obama is going to hold a “Town Hall on Health care” at Shaker Heights High School

As a Shaker HS alum, my first thought is–why at Shaker?

True, Obama’s popularity is slipping in Ohio–but why do it at a suburban HS versus, say downtown in University Circle surrounded by the HOSPITALS?

Imagine what the Oval is going to be like for this visit! (Google map Shaker Heights HS [15911 aldersyde dr] to see the oval on which the school sits)