Monthly Archives: August 2009

On being an older brother

Conversation between me and The Sister yesterday:

The sister: so there’s this guy I’ve been seeing the past few months.

Me: oh, you mean “boy”–I knew about that and I actually met him without him knowing that I knew you two were going out.

The Sister: Yeah, well, he’s kind of scared of you. He thinks you’re this “huge jacked super strong man who will beat him up”

Me: (Lauughing)–really? He seems like a nice guy! Wait till I tell dad this—he’ll be so proud!

(And for the record “Boy” is actually a decent guy–or so he seems–and no, I won’t do anything to him. I’m not the type to either).

Clothes shopping

The sister dragged me out clothes shopping this afternoon. (We had to kill 30 minutes, while she waited for her Blackberry to be looked at)

Like most males, I hate clothes shopping.

On the other hand, the sister says “Men’s fashion is so much more exciting than women’s!”

So she had me try on jeans, because the ones that we bought for me ~1 year or so ago, are no longer trendy in her opinion. (what do I know?)

So apparently I’ve dropped my waist size two-three inches(!) and I still have the same difficulty finding pants that fit well on my legs (things are often either tight in the quads or the glutes). So I have a new pair of jeans, a new pair of kahkis, and two new tops.

It still doesn’t change the way I feel about clothes shopping!

I can run again!

It’s raining, it’s pouring…and I tested out my “chronically sprained ankles” (that was what the doctor said my diagnosis was) thi smorning at my PT’s request.

Ran from 2nd Ave to the River and back, and wow…am I psyched! I can run again!

Only minimal discomfort in my Left ankle, but compared to how I was in the months before starting PT–with chronic pain in both ankles, I feel like a new person. Plus my legs feel stronger than before!


Good day at the gym

Worked up to a suprisingly high 5RM on the parallel boX squat. Then did 1×10 free squats–and felt very good. Even had a nice bounce out of the hole. Did my accessory work and left in a good mood.

Locked gym!?!?!

Got to the Office/Gym Complex today at my usual 6:10-6:15am time, and noticed that there were a small numbe of people standing around the building lobby. Not good.

Went up to The Office, filled up my shaker bottles, and dropped off my food bag, and took the elevator downstairs.

The gym was pitch-black and locked.

Mind you the gym is supposed to open at 5:30am.

I was not happy (nor was anyone else who showed up and was standing around the building lobby). We waited, then one of the Trainers arrived–and he called his Boss, who had a set of keys. In the interim, more people showed up. Some stayed, others left. A few more trainers showed up …none of whom had keys though.

So we waited, and waited. Finally, at about 7–one of the gym’s bosses appeared and opened things up for us (hooray!) Although I had to subsequently rush my workout–at least it was only a light accessory day.

(Thankfully, my day gradually improved after that)

Government health-care bureaucracy rant

Preface: Sorry to dissapoint anyone, but this story has nothing to do with “death panels”, “town hall” meetings, “evil” insurance companies, or even unions. Okay?

At work, I’ve become the “credentialing specialist” so to speak. It’s just another one of the many hats I wear in the office.

One of my recent projects has been to complete our Medicare re-registration for our physicians and group. It’s important to note, that these physicians are already participating with Medicare (as is our practice), but we have to update the applications for a fw regulatory reasons (that’s another rant).

So our first attempt at applying was sent back over a technicality on the forms we used. The ones we had accessed via the CMS website were the ’06 version, rather than the current ’08 version–so everything had to be redone. (Boo!)

So I sent in our second round of applications (two applications total for 2 doctors). However, the bureaucrats thought I’d sent in 3 applications, and because of their counting error, denied one of the applications as “missing paperwork”. They then proceeded to reject the whole applicaiton out of hand ,and delete the portion previously done through the PECOS web portal.

My attempts to appeal fell on deaf ears–as I tried to explain that they erred (after all, I had a copy of what was sent right in front of me).

And as a co-worker put it–to think this is the kind of model that the President’s plan is floating…?

Good day in the gym

Hip-dominant leg day today. Fresh off a deload too.

Started with some conventional deadlifts, and the early pulls were going real well, that i decided to wave load it. Grip was the limiting factor again (time to work on that plus get me some chalk).

went for a single at 315, and wound up pulling a triple! It wasn’t just any triple. I found myself in this “zone” that was so intense I couldn’t describe it. The bar just flew up and the movement was so smooth. It was awesome!

Then, on my adrenaline rush, I tried to tie my post-injury (neck) PR of 335 and white lighted it! (My previous PR had been pulling sumo-style too!)

Rounded out the workout with some snatch-grip RDLs and leg curls. (Then had PT for the calves/ankles later in the day). The DOMS is already setting in.

When I tried to share this story with my sister, she just gave me this look, like I was a total freak. (And no, I’m not telling my mother how much I lifted in the gym–no need for her to get even more anxious!)