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G’mar Chatima Tovah!

I had a really nice Yom Kippur this year. Really! Probably the best one I’ve had in the past 5 years or so.

Part of it was that i held up better physiologically (My body without water and nutrients doesn’t always cooperate too well).

The other part of it was that this year I found something deep within me–more spiritually–which has long been absent. As this is a personal thing, between me and G-d, I’m not going to elaborate.

I attended services at Chabad of the Upper East Side, but this year the services were held in the auditorium of PS 158–as the crowd is too large for the (architecturally beautiful) Chabad building.

While the auditorium chairs were a bit uncomfy–that was the only downside. The Rabbi who led services (I wish I could remember his name) did a wonderful job. His stories and explanations which were spread throughout the course of the day, were both meaningful and thought provoking–and enhanced the self-reflection of the liturgy.

Also, credit must go to the Chazzan for a beautiful job as well!

Now that I’ve eaten and consumed some water, it’s time to get ready for work tomorrow.

Next up: Sukkot (a/k/a Festival of the Tabernacles)

College Football Afterthoughts

Here’s my thoughts on some of the games which I saw yesterday:

OSU-Illinois: The OSU defense looks pretty strong, especially the front 4. They did seem to “bend” a bit on a few drives, but then made up for it with some INTs.

Pettrey, the kicker has a cannon for a leg. His 50 yard FG had way more than enough distance!

The OSU offense needs help still. While OSU’s first half stats would’ve made Woody Hayes smile (no passing yards–everything on the ground),

Pryor doesn’t seem to be maturing too much as a QB–which is bothersome. He needs to realize that despite his explosive speed, he’s not always going to get the “big play”. He also needs to remember when to throw the ball away, and to hit his receivers better. No throwing accross the body!

OSU’s O-Line is stil young and definitely needs to mature some more–but when they do, they should be a solid group.

OSU’s running game–finally came back to life!

PSU-Iowa: Quite a good game. PSU looked to be in control early, but then they just seemed to self destruct.

Iowa’s front-four on defense were almost always putting a lot of pressure on the QB Clark. It was Iowa’s D and special teams play which won them the game.

LSU-Miss State: Only caught the tail end of this one, but the goal line stand in the end was HUGE! Though going with a pass play on 3rd and goal from the 1…was that really the best call?

ND-Purdue: Watched bits and pieces of this one, but without Clausen ND looked pretty ineffective on offense.

Another early upset

South Carolina upsets Ole Miss

Credit really has to go to SC’s defense for keeping the Rebel offense in check for most of the game. Ole Miss only went 1-13 on third down!

In the fourth quarter however, it started to appear that the game could easily slip out of the Gamecock’s hands. Some dropped INTs, and the offense seemed to sputter out, looking like the complete opposite of their performance the first 3 quarters.

Nonetheless, it was a very good game.

Just my luck

More Medicare frustrations

CAlled back Medicare today, to see if I could speak with a different CSR about our application’s status.

What were the odds that I’d get stuck with the same nasty CSR as yesterday?

The odds worked against me. Sigh.

I’ll follow-up again next week.

Medicare and Medicaid

i dealt with both Medicare and NY Medicaid within the course of about 90 minutes this morning.

I first dealt with NY Medicaid, as I had to submit a claim for a patient. Using NY Medicaid’s ePACES application, I was able to submit a claim for real-time adjudication! When I had a question about one of the boxes on the claim form, I called the eMedNY help desk [eMedNY basically is the people behind NY Medicaid]–instantly got a human CSR and was able to straigten things out. The CSR (whose name I can’t remember) was extremely polite, friendly and curtious–as have all of the eMedNY CSRs I’ve interacted with. With ePACES you can even check eligibility online and in real time! (You can’t do that with Medicare!)

Then I had to check on the status of a Medicare application for one of our physicians.

A bit of background, said physician is already par with Medicare (just at a different address), has been par with Medicare for years, and we’re just trying to finally update our mailing address. we’re on our second application go around, after the first time, the CSRs at Medicare told us to submit the wrong form/application type.

So I made my weekly call in today to check on the status of our doctor’s application. First, I was on hold for 10+ minutes–and there wasn’t even any muzak or anything of the sort. Just dead silence [with an occasional pre-recorded announcement plugging their website]. At long last, a female CSR picked up.

We started with the usual: “Name, phone number, doctors name, NPI…” (aka the usual). I gave the case number and all the CSR did was give me a note from back in August saying that Medicare wanted more info (which we provided within 24h of the request).

When I proceeded to ask what the status of the application was, the CSR got snippy. She said she couldn’t give a time frame. I calmly and politely pointed out that by CMS’ guidelines, the application must be fully processed within 60 days–and asked if the application would at least be processed by Mid-October…

I must have pressed a button with her–as she started getting nasty. She claimed that our application is in the “queue” with the person who reviews the application and that we would just have to “wait”. Despite my attempts to inquire further she just repeated this same thing. [Later when I told my supervisor this–she wondered if there’s only 1 person processing the applications?]

Then I proceeded to ask about the application for a second doctor (because he too changed his address–a whole new application had to be completed–go figure]. I’d prepared his application using the online PECOS portal. The first application was denied because the people at Medicare scanned the supplementary paperwork wrong. This was the second app. It was sent back because the provider had to change his specialty listing. When I called PECOS’ help desk to ask how I could change the one field in the application, they told me that I unfortunately had to delete the whole application and start anew–but that it would sufficient.

Came to find out today, that because I followed the PECOS people’s advice–the providers application was rejected–and I have to send everything back in again! Ugh! [And again the CSR was horribly rude].

It was night and day between Medicaid and Medicare.

As my supervisor put it: “Imagine if these people (Medicare) are running the whole health system!”


Back in NYC after a weekend in NE Ohio with the Family.

Wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated. The only complaints I had were having to share a room with The Brother (who snores, exhibits somniloquy and steals my blankets!) and I found grandma’s house to be a bit cold.

Came back to NYC bright an early this AM (7am flight out of CAK to LGA–which actually arrived on-time!) Even made it to work rather quickly–save for the stalled 4 train at 86th st, which I abandoned secondary to a sick passenger holding up the train. (I was able to jam into a downtown 6 instead).

Caught up on a lot of my office work as well. Not all of it–but a size able chunk. I should be able to hammer the rest of it out tomorrow.


Back in Cleveland.

Got home absurdly late thanks to *drumroll* a delay out of LaGuardia again! (ugh)

Got to meet The Brother for Lunch at his job today then off to Grandma’s tonight

Shanah Tovah!


Headed back to Cleveland/Youngstown for Rosh HasShanah tomorrow evening.

Been packing this evneing and taking care of other stuff.

Primary Day

So guess who didn’t vote in today’s primary?

*Hand shoots up*

The perks of being a registered independent.

Not like I really cared for any of the politicians anyway…the campaigning was getting annoying!