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Emasculating experience

So one of the HVAC units failed again at work today. This time it was one of the fan holders broke.

However, the office, with all of it’s technology, needs a cooling system (high powered computers give off a lot of heat). The frantic solution we came up with–get some fans!

Now, for context, I work in Manhattan–so it’s not like I’m in a suburban office where I can jump in a car and drive to the store. Nope, it’s schlepp what you buy.

So for who knows what reason, I got stuck going out to the neighborhood hardware store to buy some fans. Problem was, the only way to transport the fans back to the office was…

….one of those shopping carts….

Talk about an embarrasing an emasculating experience!

(and in the end, the HVAC guys were able to scramble some help and get the unit repaired this evening)

On the NY-23 race

Since everyone’s talking about, it, here’s my very brief, simple two cents on the issue.

I don’t really care too much about the election; nor do I know much about the candidates themselves other than

The Democrat nominee is supported by the NYS Dems–that’s a strike there.

The Republican party nominee is already a politician in Albany–that’s an automatic deal killer.

The Conservative party nominee is a non-career politician/outsider type–makes him seem attractive at first glance.

There you have it…

1,990 pages of gobbly-gook

The House’s “health care legiislation” comes in at 1990 pages!

That’s a lot of trees and paper-cuts to be incurred.

Question: has anyone in Congress ever tried to read through Medicare guidelines, regulations or LCDs [local coverage determinations]?

These documents are some of the most bloated, over-worded and complex things I’ve encountered. I can’t even begin to fathom how horrible the health-care bill would be to read!

On women and pickyness

Today’s learning moment about the opposite gender came today,when the girls were discussing their preferences in a man’s hands.

Yes–they consider things like a man’s hands.

The majority of the girls said that they “wouldn’t date a guy with hands as soft/softer than theirs”.

Score one for those of us with calloused hands I suppose!

Sesame Confusion

Today’s random conversation at the office consisted of how Sesame Street has changed with the times/over the years.

What really made the discussion weird was one girl’s assertion that Big Bird is supposed to be a homosexual? [she was serious too]

A co-worker and I just looked at each other in disbelief…

Big Bird is just a giant bird! Nothing more!

(Cookie Monster and Grover are much cooler IMHO)

Construction induced Headaches

The construction/renovations inside the office continues at quite a rapid pace–which should be seen as a complement to both the contractor and the laborers.

However, there’s also some building facade renovations taking place accross the street from the Work Building, and it’s loud and made my head hurt. Someone pass the bottle of ibuprofen over (please!)

Worst salesman ever

From the Rabbi’s sermon at shul yesterday:

“You know…Noach [Noah] had to probably be the worst salesman ever. Here he was, building an ark for 120 years, and the only people he could convince to come aboard was his family…”

Day of Rest

Literally took today as a day of rest. Went to shul…quite a crowd today (and that’s always a good thing)–but as I wasn’t feeling too sharp, I didn’t stay for Kiddush (lunch).

Came home and spent most of the afternoon laying down and/or asleep.

That’s what Shabbos is for, no?

Training Journal: Back pain

I’ve been dealing with some lower back pain this week. Not sure of it’s origins, but it’s been bilateral, mostly in the lumbar spine.

The thing I’ve found to be most beneficial is foam rolling, especially the glutes and the IT bands (foam rolling the latter hurts much worse than usual!).

I think my hip flexors may also be inhibited, so I’m going to start stretching those more. I noticed today while box squatting, that I had little force getting off the box (gluteal inhibition?)

Time to go foam-roll…………

Yes it can get worse

As if the Browns weren’t pathetic enough this year already:

Browns hammered by flu

The team has been sacked by the flu.

On Wednesday, 12 players, including Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers and five other starters, missed practice with flulike symptoms as the team began installing the game plan for Sunday’s matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

Only Cleveland sports…

Fun with insurance companies

I’m currently in the process of getting The Practice credentialed with some insurers.

All the hard work has been done–the applications are in–and every week or so, I check in to see if there’s been any action on the application.

One provider whom I call, says that I should follow up with our provider contrating rep. However, when I’ve called said rep, she’s told me that “your office will hear something before I do…”

Another insurer I call to check on an application status–and I’m told to contact our provider rep. Problem is, as we’re not yet a credentialed provide–we don’t have a rep! It’s another endless circle…


Presidential Motorcade

The President is/was in NYC today,first downtown at the City’s FBI HQ then this evening he was keynoting a fundraiser at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Columbus Circle).

Yesterday, we noticed barricades going up on the sidewalks in the work neighborhood (Hells Kitchen/Columbus Circle area). No one really knew why these barriers were up, nor could I figure out why the mailboxes were all sealed shut. [I take out the mail for the office].

This morning we found out that The President’s motorcade would be coming up or down the street on which we work (I assume en-route to the hotel). So this afternoon, we started hearing sirens and we all went over to the window.

Shortly after, a parade of police cars, motorcycles and unmarked black vehicles appeared…followed by the presidential limos and tailed by a similar parade,

It was a brief novelty if anything.

Funnist thing was that the motorcade was going eastbound on what is a westbound street!
[Then we went back to work]

It is San Francsisco

But even still…this is bizarre even for the Left-Left Coast:

Protesters want the UK to follow San Francisco, where a law bans “fat-ism” in housing and employment and stops doctors pressing patients to slim down.

Sondra Solway, a San Francisco lawyer, said: “The San Francisco ordinance says you may want to mention weight to the patient but if the patient says they do not want to talk about that then you are asked to respect those wishes.” —BBC

So much for physicians encouraging health in SF….