Monthly Archives: November 2009

Recovering and rebuilding

Felt a bit better this morning in the gym. Still erred on the side of caution in terms of my lifts. Also increased my overall non-green veggie carb consumption slightly. I’ll be doing this for a few days and then I’ll see how I feel.

Work…well…it was a Monday. What more can/should be said?

More rest

Continuing with my self imposed rest and relaxation, I didn’t do too much today. After synagogue, came home did a bit of reading and sleeping. Also was stupid, and didn’t eat enough through most of the day (this led to more sleeping)

Also have a strange feeling in my lower left lat. Time to break out the foam roller!

Rest day

Seeming that I don’t much care for crowds…I laid low today, avoiding things on Black Friday.
(Nor was there anything I particularly wanted to buy either!)

That said, I did get to catch up on some personal reading and more importantly–some sleeping.
I think I may have crossed over into the overtraiing/overstressed zone and need to compensate accordingly.

I also caught some college football–today’s Iron Bowl game was quite good.

Apples to Apples

We have a copy of Apples To Apples Jewish Edition at the Apartment.

After dinner, we decided to play a round of the game.

Note to self: it’s not advisable to play with the “Jewish edition” when 2/3rds of the participants aren’t Jewish…

Family Meal

So last night, there was a family pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal.

Among the attendees was The Curious Jew and other cousins, their spouses and aunt and uncle (oh, and The Sister was there).

The Aunt, as usual, came prepared with shiduchim for all of us single individuals [she’s the type who knows everyone!]. The Uncle was his usual self as well. Most importantly, it was a lot of fun.

One of the novelties of the evening, was the turkey cake that The Aunt and Uncle found in a heimish bakery in Passaic!

All that counts–was that we all had fun.

An offense?

The Browns put up 27 points in the first half against the Lions.

The Browns are capable of scoring 27 points?

Okay–they are playing the Lions…but still. Oh, and the defense yielded 24 points….

Crazy ending

Anyone else catch the end of LSU’s loss to Ole Miss?

Not only did LSU seem to have all these breaks going their way (late drive, onside kick recovery), but they totally screwed up on clock management! The CBS announcers seemed to be besides themselves…

Beaten up

Note to self: heavy squatting really taxes the CNS. And leaves residual DOMS.

I’m feeling a bit battered and exhausted….

Saving my energy to focus on THE GAME!


/Returns to watching endless You Tube videos of Buckeye highlights and TBDBITL!

Videos of “Script Ohio” never get old!

1000 Pound Club!

I did it! I had no plan to do it…I’d only aimed to make it into the 800 lb club as a goal this year….

Put up a personal best 4-plate squat (that’s 405lbs) which brings my current total in the big 3 (squat, bench, deadlift) to 1005!

Of course I’m still not satisfied with my numbers. I of course want more!

Nonetheless, this still calls for celbraton…but I’ve got company coming over tonight….

[For reference purposes, I don’t think my bodyweight is too frar from maybe 190-200lbs–I go by the mirror not the scale]