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As I’ve said before–i don’t buy into the whole “New Years Resolution” shtick.

How many resolutions are abandoned and/or simply forgotten?

Personally,my preference is much more to set myself up with a series of “micro-goals”, which build upon each other–ultimately (hopefully) leading to a successful outcome.

Anyone got any goals/resolutions to share?

False alarm

NYPD: No bomb inside van abandoned in Times Square

The Mom called today, while I was at work all woried about this story. Seeming that I work ~1 mile or so from Times square, I wasn’t too worried about it at all (nor had I even heard of it).

Mom asked me to avoid Time Square–to which I simply responded—I virtually never go there, but especially not around New Years!

Speaking of the season–anyone else notice how backed up traffic seemed to be on 8th Ave, 9th Ave and Broadway this evening

Browns Win (again?!?!?)

Not sure how many teams manage to concede 389 yards of offense to their opponents but still win 23-9!

The 3 INTs the Brown’s defense came up with were obviously clutch.

The Browns stil need to work on their Red Zone efficiency (they went 2 for 5) today. But a win is a win….

Being a good brother

I sit here stalling, waiting for the Sister to go out tonight.


Tomorrow is The Sister’s birthday, and being the good brother that I am, I must decorate the apartment accordingly! Maybe I’ll also bake some cookies or mini-cupcakes. (Before you ask–no, we don’t have any cake pans here–and it’s pouring out, so i’m not going to bother getting one!)

Easy Recipie

Here’s something I made myself for lunch yesterday, which The Sister insisted was divine.


Brussels Sprouts, cut in half
Olive Oil
Cinnamon (not cinnamon sugar!)
Sea Salt
Medium coconut flakes (optional)

1) Preheat oven to 350
2) In large Ziploc bag combine the brussels sprouts with some olive oil, and a hearty amount of grated cinnamon, a dash of salt and pepper to tase.
3) Seal bag and shake–making sure sprouts get coated
4) Pour onto baking sheet and place in oven for 10-15 minutes
5) “Garnish” with coconut flakes (optional)

They’re tasty and really easy to make!


I think I’ve (accidentally) put myself into a state of Ketosis.

Ironically—I’m feeling full of energy! Not sure what to make of this discovery…

I also appear leaner in the mirror (not that anyone else would notice beneath my clothes…but still)

Will see how I feel upon return to the gym on Monday.

Night at the bar

The bar at which the Sister Bartends, had an informal party last night.

Being the good brother that I am, I decided to *gasp* actually go out and do something social.

Threw back a can of Spike Shooter (I love the stuff–works great!) for some energy and out I went.

Arrived around 8ish and the bar was pretty empty as expected, but the people there were ones I knew and it was fun.

Though as time passed some of the local neighborhood crowd (this is a Murray Hill bar) started to pour in…and it went downhill from there. It got very crowded, the music was on way too loud, so eventually I just left. Had fun till then.

Productive day of relaxation

Despite my attempts to sleep in this morning, which were foiled by a call from the little brother

Picked up birthday gifts for the sister so that’s successfully done.

Played around a bit in the kitchen (also successful)

Also took some time to do some reading for pleasure. I’ve not done that in too long, and if I may make a “new years resolution” for myself–it would be to do that.

My problem is that the past couple of weeks have been over-stressful for me, so I”m seeking to restore some balance to my life.


Woke up this morning feeling like…well…crap to put it mildly.

Knew I had a lot on my plate today, as we’re closed for the rest of the week (yay 4-day weekend!) but that meant I had to have all of the weekend charts ready for the lab.

Surprisingly, I hit my stride, and as the morning progressed, despite having to “put out some fires” so to speak, things went really well.

I left work today feeling a sense of accomplishment, and more importantly, I felt a lot better about myself.


Battered and bruised

I’m probably a fool for putting myself through the amount of daily stress that I do.

It’s part my mentality–that when I do something–I want to do it right. No half-assed corner cutting–just quality output.

True, it gets me in over my head more than I’d like…but I think the end result speaks for my labors.

Now if only there were more hours in the day for me to get to all the work I have to do. [Especially some down time to get through the tedious busy work/filing/note writing]


The more I think about it, I need to set some micro-goals for myself.

I guess my first goal would be to determine where to start!

I’m gonna sleep on this one…

/Long day at work….

Upcoming Birthdays: Gift Idea Bleg

So I’ve got two relative’s birthday’s coming up within the next two weeks or so.

Problem is…I’ve got no idea what to get these individuals for gifts.

First, next Sunday is The Sister’s birthday. Now I really don’t know what to get The Sister. Sure I know some kinds of stuff she likes–but she’s got so much stuff already! Any ideas for a twenty-something year old female?

Second, The Curious Jew has a “milestone” birthday coming up in a little over a week. She too will need a birthday gift.

Now the “challenge” with her–is that while she loves to read, the simple idea would be to get her a book of some sort. Thing is though–she’s read so many books it’s hard to find one she’d like and has not yet read!

Please help me come up with some ideas!

Jets-Falcons: Missed oppertunities

I watched parts of the Jets-Falcons game while doing my weekly Sunday cooking.

The Jets left a lot of points on the board–especially with their field-goal kicking team.

Sure their defense was solid…but their offense was sputtering and they couldn’t convert their field goals.


So it’s finally snowing here. It didn’t start to come down until this evening (save for some earlier flurries).

I was just out in it–and it’s not some sort of ZOMG BLIZZARD!!!!11 storm. It’s regular snow–you know, the precipitation of winter.

Silly media…