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Not dead yet?

Obama ‘hopeful’ on NYC terror trial

The White House is still hoping to bring the alleged plotters of the Sept. 11 attacks to trial in New York, President Barack Obama’s top spokesman said today, despite reservations expressed by officials there.

“We are talking with the authorities in New York,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told CNN.


Does Obama really hate NYC this much? Why?


So apparently the new thing to do is to post a picture of your doppelganger as your facebook profile.

Seeming that I don’t think I have a doppelganger…the closest thing for me would be to post a picture of my father (as people say I resemble him–just sans facial hair).

But that wouldn’t be acceptable for the game, would it?

“New Yorkers are wussies?”

Apparently the people at the Center For American Progress are declaring NYCers “wussies” for not wanting the KSM trial downtown.

Besides the fact that having the circus trial downtown would result in Lower Manhattan becoming pretty much locked down (essentially shutting it down), the exorbitant costs (which NYC/NYS can’t afford) and everything else that goes along with it–I don’t think claiming that locals are “wussies” will fly.

Gitmo would make a much better trial site, no?

Birthday Gift Ideas

The Little Brother turns 20 next Saturday.

As the older brother, I am obviously obliged to get him a gift.

Here’s the thing: he doesn’t read, and is a very inactive individual–so I refuse in principle to get him a video game (like he wants). He’s too sedentary already!

Any ideas?

Things he like include but are not limited to: trains, subways, the Yankees, the Cavs, eating (which he does too much)….

Injured (again?)

Alas…Something funny is going on with my right leg again.

I had a so-so squat session on Thursday–maybe I went a bit too deep for my adductors liking?

Maybe I’ll contact the doctor…but not sure if I should skip the primary doc and go straight to a specialist on this one.

Anyone got any rehab ideas/advice?

NYC Healthcare Shake-up

This could potentially be huge in terms of health-care in Manhattan:

Continuum Health to acquire St. Vincent’s Medical Center?

[note: while I’d love to say more about the topic, out of professional courtesy I shall refrain from doing so, secondary to work relations with one or more of the aforementioned institutions. This is even though my comments wouldn’t be directed at/about either party–just the potential scenario].

Jets are cooked

The Jets “magical run” came to a screeching halt in the second half this evening–mostly in a demonstration of how Indianapolis had a better team.

The Jets D just couldn’t contain the Colts after giving up that TD late in the first half–and it was all downhill from there.

Now time for the NFC game…

Cultural Enrichment

Last night I went out to a music concert, where one of my friends, who shall be dubbed “The musical genius” (because that’s what he is)–had a guitar piece he composed performed.

The event was a combination of pieces form different local composers–some vocal some simply musical (flute, a quintet, piano).

It was nice and didn’t go on too long either (also a plus).

A good start

The little brother actually set foot in a gym tonight.

It’s a good first step.

Sadly, he only apparently went on the treadmill. (I’m waiting to get more info from him).

Next to get him under the bar….

Why I don’t discuss politics at work…

Today’s claim by a coworker (who is also a partial “9/11 truther”) was that the US gov’t is doing nothing for Haiti–and all the US is doing is sending troops.

Fortunately, one of the other girls chimed in and said the obvious: “if there’s no troops–then the ‘rebels’ and gangsters will take everything”.

This fact didn’t dissuade the original argument’s maker.

[I know when to pick and choose my battles–this was one of them to let drop]

This doesn’t seem right

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) ….so doesn’t sound right at all.

Can (R-MA) even be printed? It’s such a strange/rare occurrence!

Oh–and Coakley officially ran the worst campaign in recent political history. That is if you can consider what she did in the general election as “running a campaign”


Also looks like the pollsters more or less had things right on this one–save for Zogby (again).

Strange indeed….