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Well, I’m bracing myself for another Monday tomorrow.

I do on the (perhaps) positive side, start PT for my neck problem. I’m more optimistic that the PT group I’m going to this time will be more helpful than my previous PT experience for a similar problem. We’ll see though.

Happy Purim

Laid low today then went to Shul for megillah reading.

Was invited to a purim party for the YP group at shul, but the $50 cover charge was a bit too much for me (especially since I wouldn’t even be partaking in the open bar)….

Perhaps I shall try my hand at baking haumentashen tomorrow

It built character

So we had a good amount of snow the past 24h here in the city.

When I left the club last night at 11ish–there was already a good 2 inches or so on the ground–with more accumulating.

Woke up this morning (super exhausted) for work/gym…and looked out the window. The snow was swirling about.

’twas even worse outside. The avenues were barely plowed–and the streets–forget it. Sidewalks? Non-existent! (Save for one residential building)–everything else was covered in snow.

Yet, I persevered on and made it to the gym (for what wound up being a pretty lame workout–no energy and fatigue–was tired). Oh well. Then it was off to work, where we had a skeleton staff.

In contrast about 12 hours later, walking home from work. There were sidewalks and the streets/avenues were plowed and iced. Granted, there were still some slick spots–but it was night and day compared to the morning.

As my father would say, today’s adventure “built character”/


So I’ve been really into Olympic hockey this year.

The US won to make it to the Semis. The game though that I was looking forward to today was the Russia-Canada battle. On paper these teams stack up rather well (and I’d be home from work to watch it).

The Canucks have simply destroyed the Russians. Very disappointing form a non-partisan fan’s perspective.

Oh well….


So today was just a stereotypical monday. I got a lot (and I mean a lot) of busy work dumped on my desk…which was most frustrating.

Then I tried to submit our insurance claims and our clearinghouse is suffering the same “technical difficulties” it had on Friday. Ugh.

Finally–there was no one at work to discuss last night’s awesome hockey action with. None of the girls care for the sport; and the one guy who sits near me is much more into soccer (which we often discuss too).

At least tomorrow isn’t a Monday.

Epic day of Hockey

The early game Russia-Slovokia hockey game earlier today was quite a good game in and of itself. Quite physical–especially that momentum turning open ice hit on Jagr.

The much awaited North American rumble (USA vs. Canada) lived up to all it’s billing and then some!

Ryan Miller was a brick wall! 42 saves!?!?! Especially towards the end, when the US couldn’t seem to get the puck out of its own zone–Miller just stood solid.

The US played a smart game and did what it had to do–and the final score reflected this.

The moral across Canada is going to be a wreck tomorrow. Their national team, losing to the USA in one of Canada’s national sports. (Random trivia factoid: lacrosse is Canada’s other national sport) It’s quite an upset.

While this upset isn’t anywhere on the magnitude of the Miracle On Ice (30 years ago tomorrow)–it’s a huge win for US hockey.

The Finland-Sweden game should also be a good one–alas, sleep takes priority in my book.

Went out…

Actually went out last night with some coworkers….hence the lack of any posts.

Trying to do laundry now in the building–but all the washers are occupied. even more frustrating, 80& of the occupied washers are done with thier loads! Would someone please come claim their laundry?

Another year

Tomorrow (Thurs) is my 28th birthday.

Wow…I’m 28 already!

My birthday is as ussual quite a mellencholly day for me.

There’s alwayis the joy of celebrating, taking in appreciation of all that life has had to offer me and continues to offer.

On the other hand, it’s depressing as I look by on another year past, and see lots of things I’d wanted to accomplish but did not.

As a result–I’m left in a mixture of emotion.

Back Friday most likely…

Doctor’s Verdict

Went to the physiatrist today for a check up.

Good news: I’ve got no pinched nerves–and went to the doctor early enough to pre-empt any such problem.

Bad news: my left scalene and trapizius muscles are very tight. My hip flexors and hamstrings are tighter than (insert your choice analogy here)

The doctor referred me to physical therapy to learn how to stretch properly. Maybe while at PT they can give me some SMR as well to help out. It’s that or maybe I should find myself a good LMT around here?


Spent last night foam rolling/lacrosse ball rolling while watching Jack Bauer do what he does best.

Still have pain in the neck and now the lower back, so i made an appointment to see a physiatrist tomorrow. Hopefully get a diagnosis on both my upper and lower body issues. I think they’re related and I anticipate getting over them as fast as possible and getting back to pushing big weight.

Now back to my foam roller…