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Israel Bound

The Parents + Brother come to NYC tomorrow as we depart Sat evening for Israel.

Blogging to most likely be non-existent until it come from the Holy Land.

Happy Passover to those celebrating!

Things we do for family

Get a call from dad at about 8pm.

Dad says Mom wants an iPod Nano for the family trip. Dad asks where the nearest Apple Store is and its hours.

Lucky for me (implied sarcasm) the Fifth Ave store is 24/7. So guess who had to run down to the store this evening….

Sigh….the things I do for family.

Stupid me

In my haste to get back to The Office yesterday after my adventure/nightmare at the Post Office I started running down the blocks to get to my destinations.

Stupid me.

Of course I was wearing my work/dress shoes.

Stupid me.

Today I’ve got a case of the shin splints–and it’s all my fault. I know better than to run in non-athletic shoes, especially on the pavement. I guess in my haste + the rain I didn’t think about it.

Oh well…I’ve got a date with the lacrosse ball and The Stick to attend.

On “health care reform”

Yes, I used the quotations on purpose–as I’m not sure what the recent bills passed by Congress should be called. Is it “HCR” or “ObamaCare”? Can we just call it the “health care bill”?

I’ve said before and I”ll reiterate it–that working in the trenches in healthcare gives me a different perspective than the average person on the issue (let alone the clueless DC politician).

My biggest question–how is the bill going to manage to lower health care costs at all?
That’s what I’ve failed to understand.

Sure, insurance premiums are going to go up–but are payments to physicians also going to go up accordingly (not likely–IMHO).

What if anything did this bill actually accomplish?

Post Office Frustration

It can now be revealed, that I’m leaving the country this weekend for an international vacation with my family. (The destination will be disclosed at a later time)

It was a late announcement by the Parents, and unlike my siblings, I don’t have a current passport. The siblings have both traveled overseas in recent years–but I’ve not.

Anyway, my old passport (which has likely expired) is somewhere in The Family House–which in other terms basically means its lost in a black hole and/or an alternate dimension.

So I had to get a new passport in like 3 weeks. Managed to get all the necessary documents and the like together but still fell under the time window in getting a passport via US mail. On the State Department’s website they say you can make an appointment at a regional passport bureau if you’re traveling within 14 days. Great I thought–I can take my documents and head down to Hudson street and take care of it.

Problem was when I called into the system, the soonest available “appointment” date was after my departure date. (I later found out that many of the appointments are taken by the passport “expedition” companies–fyi).

So long story short, I had to go use an expedition service. So I went to the expositors office today did all the fun paperwork in advance etc and so on. Then once that’s all in line, I’m sent over to the nearest post office with an open passport window–which is the main Farley Post Office at 31st and 8th.

Now with this being the main post office, you’d think that they would have adequate staff on hand for larger crowds. Wrong.

Got into the 1 passport acceptance line and heard someone else complain to a manager about the wait. There happened to be two windows open (but one main line) and the manager simply said “oh usually we only have one window open”.

While waiting in line this one family of like 7 people goes up to one of the windows. Waiting..waiting….the other window processes about two people and then suddenly shuts. (It’s only about 11am at this point). A line of 5+ people deep and the window shuts! The on site manager is no help either.

So we wait and wait. This same family is still at the window…their kids running about the (postal) hall. It took them almost an hour to complete whatever it was they were doing. After about 30 minutes in however, the other window re-opened and 3 other people ahead of me were able to be taken care of–and then I got to the window–while that family was still at the other window. It was horrible.

All the while the line was growing. Meanwhile while at the window getting my application processed–the other window closed–with a line stretching nearly to the door. There were groans and sighs from the line.

It’s a wonder how inefficient such a system could be…but this is the post office after all. However, it’s juts baffling that at the MAIN post office in a city as big as NYC–to only have 1 passport agent working?

Curious George Exhibit

I took advantage of the nice weather today and went for a walk to the park and then up to the Jewish Museum (free admission on Saturday) to view the Curious George Saves the Day: Art and life of the Reys exhibit.

As I’m a virtual pushover for anything Curious George related, I simply loved the exhibit. Not only were there some of the Rey’s earliest works, there were original draft manuscripts and watercolors of George’s (and other) books. There was also quite a bit about the Reys history and how they fled the Nazis. (Quite an interesting tale). There were also copies of original correspondence between the Reys and their publishers and friends.

One of the nicest things about the exhibit was the range of ages represented at the exhibit. There were both older individuals as well as little children (and the rest of us in between)

I highly recommend the exhibit.


Seeming that I’ve got zero Irish blood in me…I chose not to wear anything green today.

The only green things in my life today were my vegetables and cups of green tea.

At work there was a little “St. Patrick’s day” party–in which they served corn-beef and other foods. However, they (probably inadvertently) neglected all 3 of us employees who keep Kosher. (I’m not a big fan of corned beef; and I was at physical therapy at the time anyway).

Coming home the UES was crawling with inebriated individuals, and firemen seemed to be swarming the bars. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen so many uniformed firemen. Simultaneously the NYPD was really out in force especially along Second Ave.

Still smiling

Today was rough as usual at work….

Yet coming home I found myself with a smile on my face. Perhaps it was the weather? (It’s suddenly nice out) Or a sense of accomplishment? (Not sure for what…)

Doesn’t matter–I’ll take it whatever it is.

Physical Therapy: Ups and Downs

Went back to PT today.

The upside–I’m feeling significantly better and am just about recovered. Though it’s going to take me some time to build my strength back up.

Downside: I had to use colored dumbellls and a bodyblade today. What the point of the bodyblade is–I have no clue. It was very awkward to use. At first I wanted to treat it like a lacrosse stick, but then was told not to initiate the movement from my wrist. Heck as long as I feel better though.


So I’m planning on going out for a friend’s birthday party this evening.

It’s been raining absurdly all day. Combine that with very high winds.

The last time I really “went out” was to a pre-purim party–and that was in the beginning stages of the most recent snowstorm we had here.

Is there some sort of inclemite weather conspiracy attempting to sabotage my attempt at a social life?