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You know you might be a carnivore if

They know you by your first name at your local butcher shop…

But seriously, the guys behind the counter are all very nice, stand up guys. And the meat is pure Kosher goodness!

They also know The Sister as well. Thing is though, the two of us have never gone in there together–so they don’t actually realize that there are two of us–and that we’re siblings. (The sister tends to shop before her job in the AM–where as I visit on Sundays and after work)

Training Update

So I decided to train arms today. Haven’t done that in well….a very long time to put it mildly Noticed a definite problem in feeling movements in the biceps as opposed to the triceps. Perhaps this is a result of a previous neck injury?.

It was mostly an experimentation day, as I attempt to determine what will work best for me. I did take some (relatively) reps at a 3010 temp on the CGBP and was pleasantly surprised to see that my ROM has increased (aka I could actually touch!), even without taking the lift PL style.

Tomorrow is squat day. I love squat day (except when I work myself to near vomiting)

Of course…

Nothing at the alma matter can go without controversy.

This year’s invitation to Israeli Ambassador to the US, Amb. Michael Oren, is no exception.

From what I’ve heard of him on C-SPAN (taped speeches) he is quite a public speaker. His book on the Six-Day War was also phenomenal! (A definite must read if you’ve not done so already).

Alas, there’s always the noisy crowd at Brandeis who is opposed to everything the university seems to do. Ironically–most of these same students tend to take courses heavy on the “social justice” themes.

Stand with Israel rally

A brief recap of my experience at yesterday’s “Break the silence — Stand with Israel rally” which was held in Midtown outside the Israeli embassy. (2nd Ave between 42nd and 43rd streets).

First, as I anticipated there was quite a bit of whargarbl/derp from the crowd and some speakers (nu?) Also down a block (between 41st and 40th) were the Neturei Karta doing their thing. [Again–did you expect anything else].

I actually recognized some faces in the crowd from shul and it was a mixed group in attendance. A good turn out especially in light of the rain and the lack of major Jewish organization sponsorship (there’s one theory floating around as to why–I’m not sure I buy into it). The rain probably prevented a larger crowd, plus the space confines too.

The crowd tended to skew more to the religious side of the spectrum (a collection of black hats, but a large number of kippot) There also seemed to be quite a large contingent of older individuals–many of whom sounded like they were of Eastern European descent (based on the languages they used). There were also some youngsters (little kids thru high school age) and activists in the mix.

One of the most interesting speakers had to have been Guardian Angels’ founder and head Curtis Sliwa. He basically called things as they were and hammered the politicians on both sides of the aisle and called on them to actually stand up for Israel rather than merely posturing. Some of the speakers went all anti-Democrat, but Sliwa to his credit played it down the middle (okay, he was a bit more anti-incumbent–but towards both sides).

He’s some coverage from Arutz Sheva (Note: a right-of center new organization)

In all, I enjoyed the time I spent there–cold weather and rain not withstanding. I was very disappointed though by the lack of creative signs and/or giant inflatable figurines (I guess the far left has a monopoly on those).

Good day in the gym

Decided rather than deadlifting today, which has irritated my traps, to do some explosive work–as I’ve been noticing that’s a weakness across all my lifts.

Did power cleans at 3/2/1 3/2/1 and hit a power clean at 135! This was a micro-goal for me and a significant PR. My form needs work–but I assumed as much.

Then I did some good mornings with slow eccentrics followed by some squat jumps. Those really got the calves into it!

In fact–the whole workout nearly brought me to the point of vomiting. Now that’s a workout!

Tubes reconnected

So the area was without Cable/Internet for all of us Time Warner customers yesterday thru 1 pm today.

It sucked big time.

No TV–no watching the NBA and NHL playoffs.

Anyway, it’s back to normal now. I’ll report on yesterday’s trip to the pro-Israel rally as well…once I get caught up on the Intarwebz.

Draft reservations

With the Browns, especially since they’ve “returned” to the league, their draft history has been iffy at best.

Rick Reilly hits the nail on the head with his column: “Not feeling the NFL draft”

The epic fail of Tim Couch in ’99 still lingers……

Though picking up McCoy in the 3rd round has the potential storyline of being a great pickup. I’m surprised he was around that long. Now if only the Browns had a target for him to throw to…..

Say it ain’t so!

Food prices jumped by 2.4 percent in March, the most since January 1984. Vegetable prices soared by more than 49 percent, the most in 15 years. A cold snap wiped out much of Florida’s tomato and other vegetable crops at the beginning of this year.


No! Not my veggies!?!?!?!

Fun with the work PC

So my PC at work is a bit on the old side…4+ years old (at least) The thing is a clunker, even without all the applications it has to run (including MS SQL Server 2008)
It takes ~10 min to start up and then another 10 to load the basic applications.

Last week my computer somehow got infected with a Trojan which generated these annoying pop ups from a malicious piece of software called “xp defender pro” (lgt removal instructions). So the IT guy came downstairs and removed it–so it’s back to the normal, (painfully slow) status quo.

Then late yesterday afternoon the trojan re-appears as I attempt to visit an insurance company website. I email IT, but it’s too late in the day, so they come to my desk this AM. They start working on the machine and remove the malware. Two hours later–bam–it’s back!

They come down again to fix things. Meanwhile, I’m story of stuck. How can I do most of my work without a PC? I attempt to accomplish all non-computer busywork that I can and even then I’m wandering around wasting time.

Next the spy-ware is gone. Thank goodness. I try to load up our medical billing software to take care of some routine billing–it won’t load. I try MS Word–won’t load. Excel–zip. Nothing except IE and Outlook would run.

Called back up to the IT guys (who must hate me now) and tell them what happened. One comes down and tries some things–to no avail. He has to research what’s going on. At least I have IE–and can take care of some research I needed to do.

Finally they figure out the answer–a file they had me delete from the desktop earlier (it had a suspicious sounding name) was actually meant to be run! So we did so–and it’s back ot the previous status quo.

[Fortunately, they’ve found a spare PC in the office and they’ll be swapping out my old one! Much to my excitement, as well as the physicians and Managers for whom I work]