Fun with the work PC

So my PC at work is a bit on the old side…4+ years old (at least) The thing is a clunker, even without all the applications it has to run (including MS SQL Server 2008)
It takes ~10 min to start up and then another 10 to load the basic applications.

Last week my computer somehow got infected with a Trojan which generated these annoying pop ups from a malicious piece of software called “xp defender pro” (lgt removal instructions). So the IT guy came downstairs and removed it–so it’s back to the normal, (painfully slow) status quo.

Then late yesterday afternoon the trojan re-appears as I attempt to visit an insurance company website. I email IT, but it’s too late in the day, so they come to my desk this AM. They start working on the machine and remove the malware. Two hours later–bam–it’s back!

They come down again to fix things. Meanwhile, I’m story of stuck. How can I do most of my work without a PC? I attempt to accomplish all non-computer busywork that I can and even then I’m wandering around wasting time.

Next the spy-ware is gone. Thank goodness. I try to load up our medical billing software to take care of some routine billing–it won’t load. I try MS Word–won’t load. Excel–zip. Nothing except IE and Outlook would run.

Called back up to the IT guys (who must hate me now) and tell them what happened. One comes down and tries some things–to no avail. He has to research what’s going on. At least I have IE–and can take care of some research I needed to do.

Finally they figure out the answer–a file they had me delete from the desktop earlier (it had a suspicious sounding name) was actually meant to be run! So we did so–and it’s back ot the previous status quo.

[Fortunately, they’ve found a spare PC in the office and they’ll be swapping out my old one! Much to my excitement, as well as the physicians and Managers for whom I work]

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