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NCAA Lax Final

Duke edged out Notre Dame 6-5 in OT in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse title game.

A beautiful 5-second sequence to start overtime was all that it took for the game to be decided as CJ Constable won the draw and made a bee-line for the cage and let one rip.

The game though was much more of a defensive stalemate, which played much more to ND’s style. The total of 11 goals is the fewest in NCAA finals history! ND had a very strong defense, as they’d showed all tournament long–and Rogers was a brick in the net.

The slow pace at which ND’s offense played will likely reignite the debate over the need for a shot clock in the college game (a la the MLL)

Good for Israel!!!

Early this morning, Israeli Naval Commandos boarded the “flotilla’ of ships bound tor Gaza.

Despite the claims that these were “peaceful protests”–the video shows otherwise

Yet the idiocy of the European Union and other Leftist Global Leaders (especially the UN) is already starting their usual condemnation of Israel.

The only language understood in the Middle East is that of force. Good for Israel.

Day off work!

I’d strategically planned for this week to be a deload week in the gym, so no working out today for me. [It’s a pain to go across town on the trains like I do for work when they’re running on a Sunday schedule]

Alas, my body seemed to remember that today was a Monday and wake me up super early. After a few false starts and attempts to get out of bed, I’m up and kicking.

No work today! Not sure what I’m going to do to pass the time. Besides  Aihepiirilliset pelit On uusin konsepti kasino maailmassa. making a trip to the drugstore for some necessary summer supplies (translation: sunscreen, aloe vera) as I’ve already turned somewhat red. I’d toyed with the idea of going to the park and running hills, but since my calves have recently hypertrophied again (a good thing) they’re causing a relapse of compartment syndrome-esque pain (bad thing) so I’m going to forgo any running.

The NCAA lacrosse championship game is also on this PM–so I’m looking forward to that. Also got 4 lbs of assorted meat/poultry to cook up for my consumption this week (chickens and turkey and bison oh my!). Nom nom nom. Alas, as I’m in Manhattan, it’s too difficult to grill, so the stove and oven (chicken) will suffice again. Not big on using the George Foreman grill anymore. It’s a pain to clean among other things.

So we’ll see what I ultimately decide to do today.

Only in New York

Down the street from Yankee Stadium–the new Bronx Courthouse

Two years after a gleaming, $421 million state court building opened on East 161st Street, glass walls have been boarded up with wooden planks, courtroom doors are broken, stairways are cordoned off with yellow police tape, and sewer flies are infesting the lower levels of the 11-story edifice.

Were these architects the same ones who were behind Boston’s “Big Dig?” (just curious)

Lax Final Four

Two good lacrosse games today in the NCAA tournament.

In the fist, Nortre Dame, behind the sick play of it’s goalie and suffocating defense easily defeated Cornell.

The second game between UVA and Duke was much more of a shootout. It had streaks back and forth. Duke came alive though in the second half, with a 7 goal run–until UVA started winning back at X, for a run of their own. Hard fought all around. Sort of silly though that the final two calls of the game were turnovers based on procedural missteps.

Duke-ND on Monday. Should be interesting to see if ND’s defense/goalie can shut down the very potent Duke offense.

Was that a complement?

Someone at work was practicing their venipuncture skills this afternoon, and so I was asked if I was willing to be stuck (with a needle). Having had this done countless times in the past, I readily volunteered.

Once in the lab room, one of the new physicians saw my arms and remarked “what nice veins you have”. I simply chuckled–as some of the other girls in the room at the time looked over and started looking.

Yes, my forearms have very clear veins, thank you very much. Not sure if I should take that as a complement though.

Chemistry is fun

I’ve always loved chemistry–maybe not so much the pressure cooker of or organic chemistry–but the experimentation and laboratory parts have always been fun.
(Okay, I also sucked at microscale orgo lab, but different story).

Anyway, today I did a personal physiological experiment in the gym. Took 600mg alpha-GPC + 200mg caffeine anhydrous + 2g ALCAR. Full of win!
Not only did I have lots of energy, but I was able to high bar oly squat 315! [Was very excited].

I also noticed a significant improvement in my mood throughout the morning too. Even was able to skip my daily cup o’ coffee. Going to give it another go tomorrow for some upper body training as well.

New Kosher Eats

The restaurant which I used to live accorss the street from was called “Turquoise”–and, while I lived across the street had been a treif (Non-Kosher0 place.

After I moved, it turned out the place got a Hechsher, (became Kosher), but I never dined there (I rarely if ever dine at a restaurant) and then it closed.

While on a stroll through the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a new restaurant called “Eighteen” had signage up. There was a hecksher/te’udah in the window–another Kosher eatery! Hooray!

Of course the place’s website is non-functional (sigh), but thanks to menu pages, I’ve discovered that the restaurant is a purveyor of cooked dead Kosher animals and fish! (A/k/a A fleishig place). This may very well necessitate giving the place a try!
(Not a big sushi person–I prefer my fish cooked–but bring on the meat and veggies!)

Now to find an adequate Kosher dining companion. I would invite the sister, but I’ve not seen her since Sunday morning (she’s more a night person while I do mornings)


It was a hot and humid one here in the Big Apple today.
Thank goodness I was sequestered indoors all day–in the functioning air conditioned office!

[Negative points though for the gym–where there still seems to be no ventilation]


In the latest episode of “Things messed up with the MTA”

MTA bus drivers spat on by riders take average of TWO months paid leave over ‘assault’

NJ Transit doesn’t give leave, nor does the NYPD or the NYFD (EMTs)–so why the MTA drivers? And 2 months?

Come work in health care–see how often you get verbally abused and threatened by patients, their spouses and/or representatives. No, we don’t get to take time off for this/ Why should a bus driver get 2 months???

It should be said that often, the verbal abuse we suffer at the office from patients is secondary to the patient’s insurance. Usually it’s the patient not liking the terms of their policy (e.g. having to contact their PCP for a referral, a deductible, prior-approval, time limits, coverage review etc.) Nevertheless, they still opt to take it out on the doctors and their staff. Go figure.

One stress buster we often utilize is humor. We laugh the crazy things off.

End of an era

Watched the 24 finale….

A good way to end a series
(Won’t say more yet lest I spoil it for anyone)

More substantive posts to come tomorrow….

Parade Day

Went to the annual Salute to Israel parade today over on 5th Avenue.
Nothing too different from years past–fewer solicitors/handouts this year and significantly increased security (helicopters, and dump trucks loaded with cement at the top of 5th).

Also went to the Concert in the park afterwords for a bit. It was okay. More of a combination of right-of-center political rally + concert. (Which is right up my alley). Didn’t stay for more than 2hrs because I had a bit of a headache (hypoglycemia again?)

I also happened to see the Conservative Button Guy on Fifth Avenue outside the Met again. (He’s ~at 80th and 5th) and he was wisely selling pro-Israel buttons in addition to his other accessories today. Smart marketing. Caveat though: I don’t think Conservatives use buttons as much as Liberals, but that’s an irrelevant discussion.