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There’s a fireworks display going on above the Triborough bridge. Is it on Randalls or wards Island?

But why today? It’s not the 4th–heck it’s not even Canada day!

Really though it doesn’t matter–yay for free fireworks shows!

Vampires: Meh

The girls at work are all aflutter over the new

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Twilight movie coming out. In fact a bunch of them are going to see it after work tomorrow.

There’s one male co-worker who sits near me, and the two of us are of the same mind about

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our dislike of the genre. (Of course, right now we’re much more interested in el futbol) but all the vampire nonsense nauseates us. Too many vampires…

Doctor’s visit

Went to my primary care doctors office to have a problem looked at today. No diagnosis yet, got to wait for the labs to come back. (That’s all that I’m saying on that front)

Had an appointment for 1:15, and like a good patient, got there 10 minutes early to update my information with the office (e.g. change of insurance etc.) However, they’re apparently running behind today. Very behind. Didn’t get taken in until after 1:45…then another 5-10 minutes till the PA came in (and she was very nice and professional mind you). All in all–the wait was quite frustrating (as there were no good magazines in the waiting room no less), but I guess that’s part and parcel of going to the doctor. I do appreciate however that I was able to get an appointment within 24h of calling which is a plus. Just a bit frustrated by the wait, since i have/had a lot of work to do back at my job. Oh well.

Perhaps though, my perspective is askew. The office I work for–we take pride on our punctuality. While we have a significantly lower patient volume than say a primary care physician’s office, we make sure things run on schedule. Perhaps then we’re a bit spoiled in that regard.

Oh well. Just time to put up with the symptoms and wait for the labs to come in.

Not feeling right

Finally going to take the jump and go to the

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doctor about my not feeling well as

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of late. It’s not that I’ve got a fear of the doctor or anything. In fact–I’m extremely comfortable around most physicians (work has habituated me)–it’s just that I’d often rather not spend the time away from the office, with the amount of busy work that I have to accomplish. Then again, i”d rather feel better–as I’ll accomplish more that way.

Exciting game

Tomorrow: Spain-Portugal

If both teams show

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up ready to play–then it’ll be quite the game! Perhaps the best round of 16 match-up!

Also exciting–Argentina v. Germany in the Quarters.

Bagel Scoop?

This sounds like it would’ve been ripped from the script of Seinfeld…yet it’s true.

Carb-counting New Yorkers demanding inside of bagels ‘scooped out’

If you’re so carb conscious…why eat a bagel in the first place? 99% of them are non-complex carbs anyway! And if you’re counting calories–the extra topping you put in the bagel will likely equal the calories you’ve had “scooped out”.

That aside–why get it scooped out? You’re not saving that many calories… Don’t they still make mini-bagels? Or why not eat half a bagel now and save half for later!
(Too much common sense, I know….)

Only in this City…


In a second shock in this year’s World Cup, Italy has been eliminated rom pool-play.

That means the 2006 finalists–Italy and France are both headed home (the latter even had to fly coach class!). Italy looked rather pathetic this tournament–not like the Italian teams of years gone by. Their play in the first two games was rather week, and today’s game their defense was simply caught snoozing. Well done by Slovakia.

In the Japan-Denmark game–the Japanese had some awesome goals! The first free kick should’ve been saved from that distance. Still it was a beautiful shot. Same with the second free-kick goal. Definite highlight reel material.


Was walking down our “hallway” at the office today, when one of the physicians from the research unit gave me a high-five–saluting me as “awesome vein man”

I guess that’s a complement and all–but the time he saw my veins it wasn’t even with a pump! Sad that despite everything else i do at the office which I’m recognized for, this is what my new claim to fame is (at least for the next day or so)

Gol! Gol! Gol! Gol! GOOOOOL!

Landon Donovan has just permanently cemented his place in the history of US soccer.

(Audio from Univision–since their broadcaster has quite a bit of trademark emotion and flare).

A coworker of mine, who dislikes US Soccer (it’s a result of his being hart broken by Paul Caligiuri’s “shot heard around the world” against his native Soca Warriors.. He even went so far as to wear a green shirt in support of Algeria today. Needless to say, this afternoon the most common refrain from him was “Damn Landon Donovan”.

Meanwhile, most of the office was quite ecstatic.

Obama-McCrystal Kerfuffle

No, I didn’t read the Rolling Stone article, nor do I really plan to.
(I’ve got a list of articles I want to read which is quite lengthy–this would fall at the bottom of the pile)

Anyway, the General, with all do respects should’ve known better than to make such comments to the media. To get to the level that he’s at, the General must have been adept with military (internal) politics. He should know better than to speak in the way he did.

The merits of his argument are beyond my scope pf knowledge, adn even if they are right, are irrelevant in the bigger picture. THe General, despite his rank is still subordinate ot the CINC–and as such should show the appropriate behavior and respect to his superiors–even if they are civilians.

More fun with Customs

Today’s episode comes from US customs. Apparently an electronic item was being sent back to our company from a partner in Europe—I say “apparently” because I wasn’t involved in this at all–except for the fact that I’m the contact person on file with the courier.

Customs apparently wants to know the name/address of the manufacturer. Fair enough. (What Customs does with all this info is way beyond me–but that’s a conversation for a later date) SO after a bunch of emails to other people I find out what the device is and it’s manufacturer.

I go to the manufacturer’s website to get the address
Funny thing though–the manufacturer for some reason doesn’t put their full address on their website! I found that to be quite odd–wouldn’t a company want it’s mailing address listed?
[A quick Google search yielded the necessary info though]

I’ll follow up tomorrow and see where things stand…

World Cup Thoughts

I can’t be the only one who has been surprised by the less than stellar performances being put forth this World Cup by some of the traditional powerhouses. For example, Italy and France just don’t seem like their normal selves. Are they just underplaying? Has age caught up? Even Brazil doesn’t appear to have it’s usual rhythm going for it. I’m torn on the Germans and the Spaniards performances too. The third games will be more clarifying for these two teams.

The Argentinians look very sharp, unlike their coach, who seems to have packed on quite a bit of weight since his playing days. (Still has the hair going for him). The Netherlands has a highly technical game going for it as well. The Portugese today were like the Harlem Globetrotters against the North Koreans. I’m sure the Univision announcer was exhausted from his “Gooooool” chants by the end of that one!

The simultaneous games start tomorrow….This is where it’ll get good.

A lot like my father

In light of the fact that today is Father’s Day, I looked back at a lot of what I did today and realized how similar I am to my father.

-Used a lot of dad’s expressions when talking to The Brother
-Shopped at Costco
–Walked up-hill both ways with my groceries! (Builds character!)
–Had a Diet Pepsi
–Sat and read scientific journal articles
–Complained (only to myself) that i was tired and sore
–Dealt with Shpazes of the world

Wow….I’m really a lot like my father the more I think about it!
(Mom would say this is a bad thing though)

Heading out

Interesting day at the World Cup…no need to elaborate on the Ref’s horrible call on a phantom foul

The big shocker was the Germans losing to the Serbs. Even more so because the Serbians, like their game against Ghana conceded a penalty kick. This time however, the opposition couldn’t convert.

Anyway, two of my friends just came back to the city for the summer, so I’m headed out to a nearby watering hole to see them. It’s been quite a while too.


The Mexicans took it 2-0–leaving France goal-less thru two games!

Sadly, I wasn’t able to view it on Univision, where los announcores would’ve been going loco after the first score (See example).