Monthly Archives: July 2010

Extremely Stupid Fan

Fan in LeBron’s Heat jersey draws ire

Rubbing salt into an open wound in Cleveland. Stupid “fan”….

Though the crowd has been kind to the Misguided

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Little Brother who has attended some of the NYY-CLE games…that is except for Slider (the mascot) who gives him grief.


Got home this evening to find an NYPD car on the sidewalk in front of the building and an FDNY firetruck parked on the street alongside.

Came into the building and found out the reason for the FDNY/NYPD appearance. Someone was stuck in an elevator.

Me, being tired and ready for dinner (yay for salmon) so I decided to take the long route–the stairs. Since I live rather high up in the building (on a floor > 20) this wouldn’t be an easy task. Then again, I am abit overzealous for these things, and I climbed the stairs all the way home.

Hopefully the FDNY has helped the person stuck in the elevator by now….

Went to the specialist…

With the hopes of finding out why I’ve been feeling like crap, and freezing cold all the time (significantly worse when in air condiitioning0, I had an appointment with a specialist today.

I go in, and the doc asks why I’m there. I explain that my Primary care thinks I have a certain problem. He cuts me off and asks if my PCP did blood work. I respond yes, and that according to my PCP it was “normal”. So he asks, so why are you here? My simple response was that my PCP said that since the symptoms have continued I should see a certain kind of specialist. Made the doctor pause.

The doctor did his basic physical (needed for billing an E&M visit), asked me some questions, the usual. The doc then theorized that my problems could be related to other conditions–but as I pointed out to him, my symptoms do not match any of the other concurrent conditions. (I got the impression more so that he was just trying to pass me off–sigh).

He did order some blood work, so I’ll await the results of that and take it from there I suppose. Quite disappointed to say the least.

Will wait for the results of the labs to come in before taking any further steps.

Ay Caramba!

True, this

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is from the 9th Circuit court of appeals, but still…it’s too weird

Court: Chipotle restaurant violated disability law

Chipotle’s counters are too high? What about other places like Subway

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(or other sub shops)? Will this apply to them too?

Where’d it go?

The laws of physics would preclude it from simply disappearing, so where

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did all the oil go?

The intellectually curious would like to know….

The power of the mind

Had a crappy day today at work. And it was all my fault.
Psychologically my brain had a negative attitude, part due to some anxiety

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and frustration of mine (which I’m not going to go into).

What surprised me the most was the power that my mood had over my motivation nd performance at the office today.

It’s really strange to say the least.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday! Happy Birthday mom!
(No, I’m not going to mention an age–I’m

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not stupid!)

Thank you for all the many things you have taught me in life, which are not limited to:

–microwave cooking
–how to

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eat lots of green veggies
–how to swim
–when to and not to listen to Dad’s advice
–the awesomeness of canned green beans
–trials and tribulations of the cornea and contact lenses
–what I am really capable of if i apply myself

Happy Birthday again! Hope the cards I sent made it on time.


Went out to the late showing of Inception last night at the local theater.
Bonus for me–the theater’s A/C wasn’t working right, so I was a bit more comfy than I’d be otherwise.

The movie was definitely full of action, but at the same time, it’s quite perplexing. It’s the kind of film that one will need to watch at least twice to fully understand.

I liked it nonetheless, and would recommend it to others. I won’t say much here as not to spoil it.

The one thing that I am afraid of, is random people calling our office to see if it’s true that ideas can be planted in dreams. (People: it’s a fantasy/sci-fi movie–not real! Please don’t call!)

Movie Night

Going to take my chances sitting in an air-conditioned theater this evening to go watch “Inception” as it was recommended by friends.

Haven’t been in AC all day…will see how it goes…


Today’s lesson–chin-ups and dips really work the abdominal muscles. It’s either that or something happened to me in my sleep.

The lesson–you don’t need to do

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endless crunches to work the abdominal muscles.

Now where’s that muscle-rub cream hiding….

Odds makers?

The HVAC unit failed again this AM at work. 3rd time in 4 days.

Can we get some odds going on the chances it’ will/won’t fail again tomorrow?

Random office fun….

Birthday Season

In my family, it’s currently birthday season. Yesterday was one of my grandmother’s birthdays. Today is a cousins. Soon after is my other grandmother. Then my mother. Then two of my other

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So many birthday cards to be bought May they all be blessed to live to 120!

Which reminds me, I have to start bothering the lazy Little brother to walk the half-mile or so to the nearest CVS

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to get his mother a card! Yes, alas, he is too lazy to walk that without serious prodding. Though that’s a separate post for another day.

Down again

So the HVAC failed at work for the second time in three days. SIgh.

I still felt cold! The biggest downside though was having to put up with everyone’s gripes.

A digital Rosetta Stone

Computers to translate world’s ‘lost’ languages after program deciphers ancient text


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neat to me.

Not what I asked about

Called to get a patient prior-authorization for a medication the physician prescribed. Standard routine. Went through fun with IVR system, and I ultimately get a human.

Do the routine identification verification thing and it turns out the

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patient’s insurance doesn’t cover the prescribed drug. I ask the CSR if an alternate medication would be covered, he says he can’t tell me but that I should contact the patient’s insurance.

Fair enough.

I ask the CSR, when I call the insurance, should I guide my call to the “Medical” option or the “Pharmacy” option?

The CSR proceeds to tell me that “In his personal experience, dealing with Major Medical Insurer is nothing but a headache. They have been unhelpful to him on a personal level”/

Alas, that failed to answer my inquiry, so I politely said thank you and hung up. I proceeded to call the insurer and get the pharmacy department, and we able to get the patient a suitable alternative medication. (With no hassle I may add).

SO thank you Mr. Random CSR at Major Medical Prior-Approval group…

Patients cease to amaze me

Even when they aren’t patients of our office!

Got a call from the office this evening that an individual, who we’ll call Mr. Smith was calling about his appointment for this evening.

Problem is, Mr. Smith (a pseudonym) isn’t

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on the schedule.

So the technician in the office calls me, says Mr. Smith called about his appointment, isn’t on the schedule, but Mr. Smith had mentioned he was referred by Dr. Jones (also a pseudonym).

Dr. Jones happens to be a physician at “A Major Hospital” here in the city, so I tell the tech, that I think the patient is mistaken in the lab he’s calling–he probably meant to call “A Major Hospital’s” lab. Though Mr. Smith

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kept contending to the technician that he was calling Dr. Jones’ office (when he was really calling our office which has no relation).

I tell the tech that Mr. Smith must be mistaken, as this has occurred (albeit extremely rarely) during the day. The tech further explains that Mr. Smith also made reference to going to a location that’s on the opposite side of town from us (we only have one location).

Mt. Smith called the lab again, and soon after, the technician called me back. I’m not sure what they discussed, but the technician asked me for the phone number of “The Major Hospital’s” lab to give to Mr. Smith.
Thank goodness I knew where to look online to help the technician out.

Now hopefully there willl be no more calls from the lab this weekend!

Still laying low

Still not feelng quite right.

Did the morning grocery run this AM with ease. Trader Joe’s wasn’t as crowded, most likely since there’s a new lcoation that just opened not to far away from the Union Sq. location over in Chelsea (23rd and 6th).

Went up to Costco as well to pick up some more beans and blueberries. Wasn’t that crowded, but next week, when the Target opens on the level above (literally), I expect things to get busier.

Spent the afternoon between being asleep and reading some journals. Tomorrow is going to be a new headache at work, with two of the doctors on vacation–meaning more fun falling into my lap. Sigh.