Monthly Archives: September 2010

Melancholy Mood

Secondary to some things that have occurred at work the past two days, myself (as well as many of my colleagues) are in a bit of an emotional funk. While this will not preclude me from completing that which needs to be completed in the office–it has the effect of preemting my creativity outside of the office.

Back after the holiday and shabbos…hopefully with a clearer head

Allergic to…work?

Both The Sister and I have been battling some seasonal-allergy meets a cold type of condition lately. I’ll spare the icky details. My symptoms seemed to

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mostly have amerliorated yesterday.

However, when I got to the Work Building today…bam! The symptoms restarted. *Sigh*


Browns lose again…

Thankfully the game wasn’t televised (w/o satellite that is). If I ever do get to see a Browns game broadcast, I think I’m going to have to find a brown paper bag to wear while watching.

On the plus side–they did hang two TDs on the Ravens’ D…but the Browns D is just as suspect as the Giants’ D.

Fun with seasonal allergies

Both the sister and I have been struck with what must be “seasonal allergies” this week.

It’s either that or something perhaps we can blame on the ConEd/MTA construction outside the apartment.

Anyone know of where I can score a good bowl of Kosher chicken soup here in the City? While it won’t have the medicinal abilities of Grandma or Mom’s soup….it’s probably the next best thing.
(Come to think of it…I should’ve made a pot today)

Beware the Sweatervest!

Never did I think I’d see the day when a Tressel lead team would put up 73 points in a game

Shame on the defense though for yielding 3 TDs….boo!

All fear the sweater vest.

Note to self: I need to get myself a gray sweater vest to wear around the office. Sadly, no one would understand the awesomeness of the vest, but that’s their loss.

Lessons learned

Things I learned at work today:

–I still fail to understand the female mindset. Not that I was explicitly trying to do so–but today presented

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me with things that perplexed me.

–Still not used to feeling “popular” at work–especially amongst the higher-level staff.

–Fleishigs for brekfast continues to be t3h awes0mez

–I’ll have a glass of whatever the Boss was drinking–he was in such an upbeat mood!

–The sister had bottles of Smirnoff Ice in the fridge (eeeeewwww!)

–Take heart patients–navigating the maze of insurance companies is quite a headache for providers as well. Patients should feel fortunate when they’re able to get a customer service agent on the line–as with certain insurances we don’t get humans.

–No, CPAP machines don’t magically have feet that enable them to walk away

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on their own….


Another Yom Kippur has come and gone.

Psychologically things were okay for me. I find Kol Nidre to be one of the most moving and awe inspiring parts of davening.

Physiologically–well that’s a different story. Secondary to an underlying medical condition(s?) that I have fasting is not easy. More so on the not having fluids. Let’s just say the number of times I blacked out in shul was greater than the number of times we recited the vidui

Anyway, here I am today, with a clean slate desperately trying to re-hydrate my body. I do have some other things lined up to do as well today, but first things first.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, shul was very nice as usual. The Rabbi spoke extremely well (as he always does!) the Ba’al Tefilah did a wonderful job as well.

Crazy Afternoon

For about 1-2 hours this afternoon, time seemed to completely slow down–as absolute chaos set

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A combination of random visitors, bizarre phone calls, internal needs all at once.

It was even worse than my having to set-up a lunch, welcome a guest, answer phone calls and push paper incident from the day before.

At least I know I’m appreciated–I suppose

More from the trip home: Baseball

During the trip back to Cleveland, the Sister insisted that we head to Progressive Field to watch an Indians game. She also happened to choose the game when the Indians were giving out free (Knock-off) snuggies.

Alas, I now own a snuggie and sat thru a 1h 50m rain delay at that.

One of the wierders parts of this family excursion was our ability to purchase tickets at the box office. You see, when i was younger and growing up in Cleveland, when what was then Jacobs Field opened, the stadium was always sold out. You had to buy your tickets when they were released for sale…otherwise, forget about getting to go to a ball game. The season was sold out.

Granted, the team was extremely good then….now it’s mostly no-name players. There was a sparse crowd at the game, and the inter-inning entertainment seemed more akin to what one would’ve expected to see in the movie Major League.

Baseball is still quite a boring game if you ask me.

Election Day

Who else didn’t vote today?
(The joys of being a registered independent!)

Too bad that the lever machines are no more in NYC…they were quite fun to vote on–the novelty didn’t really wear off on me either time I’d voted.

Brother Bonding

While back in Cleveland for the weekend, on Sunday, I took my brother out for some quality “guy time”.

We went to his gym (where he very rarely goes). You see, the little brother is quite lazy and doesn’t like to exercise. Being the good older brother that I am–I took it upon myself to show him the starting steps to becoming a real man.

First two big differences between where I work out in the City and the brothers’ fitness complex was the size (his is significantly bigger and has more amenities) and the sign on the door “no guns allowed” (Ohio is a CCW state). The inside of the gym/fitness center was very nice and fancified–a lot like you’ll find in many a NYC gym.

I proceeded to take the brother to the free weight section. First lesson was on how to squat. (Brief aside: the brother is extremely, extremely anxious, so the whole process took some cajoling). I showed him the basics and worked with him to get the basics down. He proceeded to squat the bar a few times. Then despite his protests, I put 10lbs onto the bar and he nailed it. (Alas, he didn’t have the focus to do more).

Other lessons included the seated overhead press, rowing and bench.

My biggest thrill though (besides being an older brother that is) was the fact that his gym had a GHR (Glute Ham Raise). Alas, my small “club” doesn’t have one, and I’ve long wanted to try one out. It was awesome! I banged out 5×10 (and that was playing in conservative) and loved every minute. The Brother however was too much of a shpaz to try it.

All in all, it was a solid brother bonding experience.

Back in NYC

Survived a weekend with the family.

Was hardly easy–let me put it that way. Came back with more stuff than I left with–including a snuggie. Yeah….

More tomorrow, as it’s late now.

Shanah Tovah

Since I’m traveling tomorrow evening and won’t likely have much if any access to a PC on Wednesday, may as well take the time here to say Shanah Tovah.

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but with it comes a new beginning and a new slate of things.

With best wishes for the year to come!