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Very poor draw

NYT: Thin Crowd for Cleveland Campaign Rally

CLEVELAND — President Obama wrapped up a weekend of last-minute campaigning in Ohio on Sunday, addressing Democrats in an indoor arena that, in a sign of the “enthusiasm gap” that the president is working so hard to close, was little more than half full.

About 8,000 people attended the Democratic National Committee’s Moving America Forward’ rally at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center, a hall where the capacity is 13,000. The rafters were largely empty.

True, the rally was on a Sunday and on Halloween at that. But still, to only draw 8,000 in Cleveland???

Oh, and the Browns had their bye week today as well….

/Fun times in Cleveland again–it’s Cleveland!

Trick or Treat

Another thing I don’t understand about how kids go “Trick or Treat”-ing in Manhattan (besides that they mainly patronize stores).

Back in my hometown, there are set “trick-or-treat” hours. Either 4-6, 5-7 or 6-8pm depending on

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the year (each of the suburbs sets their own time).

Around here–kids have been getting candy since the early morning! What gives?

Oh, and there’s candy here at the apartment should anyone want to come by! (Healthy, sugar-free foods are also availble here if you ask nicely).


Dear ESPN3,

Oh how do I love you now that TWC and ESPN finally have come to terms to provide you.

I am able to watch my Buckeyes from the comfort of my own apartment, rather than trekking outdoors to some bar (in my temporarily quasi sick state). Nor must I rely on some third party web stream to watch sports.

/Goes back to football

Death by Caffeine

No, seriously.

Man Dies Of Caffeine Overdose

The man who is now deceased was very stupid for doing what he did. He should have known better than to consume such a large amount of caffeine anhydrous.
It’s a readily available and very inexpensive product–but if one is going to buy the powder to dose–use a freaking scale!

Alas, the first thing that came to mind when I

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saw the headline as the Death By Caffeine calculator
[Does that make me a bad person?]

Feeling happy

Quite a bit of a roller coaster for me the past 48 hours (no, nothing bad happened or nothing wrong)

But suddenly, I feel happy.

How long has it been since I’ve felt happy (excluding time in Israel)?

I don’t remember the last time I felt this kind of emotion….and this is a good sign.

Now to figure out what to do with this emotion of “happiness”. It has been way too long since I’ve felt this way…that I don’t know what to do!

That is after i figure out how to cook the mahi mahi I have for dinner.

Nonexistant location

On the phone today….a member of the staff made a call to a patient who was severely late for his appointment.

Employee: “Where are you at sir”

Mr. Lost: “Oh, 48th and 4th avenue”

Employee:”I don’t think you’ll make it in time for your appointment. We’ll need to reschedule you”

Mr. Lost: “No, I’m almost there”

Me: “There place he claims to be doesn’t exist in Manhattan!!”

Employee pauses, puts patient on hold, starts laughing along with the rest of the office. (Mind you Mr. Lost had also called us 10 minutes earlier saying he was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a highway in Brooklyn)

Just another day at work

Chart notes

Everything we do in the office has to be documented in the patient’s chart. No matter how small or insignificant, we have to document it.

One of my least favorite things to do is write chart-notes. I think it stems from my aversion to hand writing things. With my self taught cursive penmanship (they only had practice tools for the right-handed kids in school) my not) my notes appear to have come from the hand of a physician. (The doctors are still worse! I swear!)

On a daily basis, I have to make these notes, and it starts driving me a bit crazy. How many times a day can you write “message received from patient. Returned cal and ____” and things those lines?

Perhaps I’d be a bit less averse to doing it if it was done electronically? (Can we get an EMR platform yet?) Even still it can be a bit tedious. Perchance it’s my aversion to busy work?

Just a random thought from work today.

Voting on Voting

So I’m torn. Is it worth it for me to bother going to the polls next week to vote?

The novelty of the levered election machines is gone. The congressional race for my district is a given to the incumbent. Cuomo will be the State’s next governor,

Are there any races on the ticket even worth bothering to vote on/for?

Epic Upset

Browns defeat the Saints

Credit definitely goes to the Browns defense, for 4 INTs (two of which were returned for TDs)

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The Browns offense needs work, especially in the Red Zone. Okay, McCoy is a rookie, only in his second game, but 3 FGs and only 1 TD?

Still a win is a win

Three cheers for the internet!

Now I’m able to sit at home and watch the Browns game against the Saints.

The alternative would be my going to a bar to watch the game, most

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likely with a paper-bag over my head as a Browns fan.
(Or I could possibly find a Browns-fan bar, should one exist)

Go Browns!

Too tired to type

It’s been a long week for me at work. While I’ve begun feeling better the past two days, I’m taking it easy, and going to bed early.

I plan to “recharge” over the weekend and go from there…

Meetings: compare and contrast

Today I had a teleconference with some computer programmers about a project we’re looking to undertake. The meeting was rather short, very to the point and overall highly efficient.

Contrast that to some meetings I’ve sat through in the past with non-tech types. Much longer, more verbose, often still efficient (but not as efficient.

Is it a mentality thing? People who work with computers are more predisposed to view things in a pre-set way?

My near “mugging”

This morning at some time between 7 and 7:30, the brother and I were making our way to the subway, to go on my weekly grocery trip.

We were on East 86th, headed towards Lexington, and there were few people outside. My brother walked ahead of me (as one of his goals for the weekend was to lead and show direction). We noticed a man, looking a bit disheveled and unkempt (scruffy uneven beard an all). Perhaps a stereotypical EDP/SED. Paying him not much mind, we continue on our way. You could tell based on the man’s appearance and the look on his face that something wasn’t right with him.

In my hand is a plastic reusable Trader Joe’s shopping bag (which contains 3 other reusable bags) that I plan on utilizing at the stores.

After we walk past the gentleman, all of the sudden, I feel this sharp “tug” pulling me in the direction opposite that which I was traveling.

The man from the sidewalk had grabbed my bag handles and was trying to take my bags. Instantly, my right hand, holding the bags, developed a vice-like grip. I turned to the man, and yelled “what the hell”, piercing the silence of the morning. The man and I made eye contact, and I had an intense “don’t mess with me” look on my face. This man, who now crossed the line in my book to thief, simply stared at me. His hands dssaperead from my bags.

Up a few feet ahead, The Brother, who is always anxious, had a concerned look on his face. Not only was he startled by the scene he saw, he also knows that it’s extremely rare for me to yell like i did.

The look in the man’s eyes was that between someone who was both confused and possessed. I’m not sure if he was fully cognizant of what he was doing. After re-gripping my bag, to leave no slack in the handle, The Brother and I went on our way. The Brother asked “what happened” and before I explained, I look back to see the man wandering aimlessly about the sidewalk.

Throughout the rest of today this morning’s incident has been bothering me on multiple levels. Some of these thoughts were instantaneous others have formulated over the course of the day.

Of course I’ve been asking “what-if.what could have been ” questions but these are some of the more solid ones.

The first is a sense of trouble that such a thing could happen in the first place. The area in which I live is usually rather tranquil, and the most common crimes seem to occur from intoxication at one of the many nearby bars. It’s a “sleepy’ area in that sense, as the area is a mix of young people and families. When The Brother and The Sister and I went back to the subway later in the morning, I noticed the man sitting in the ATM vestibule near where he had accosted me. I pointed him out ot The Sister, and The Brother verified my identification. To think that he was still in the area, and in an ATM lobby no less. That’s a bit spooky.

The second thing that’s perturbed me is that something could have happened to my Brother. While I’m glad nothing happened to him directly (maybe a little scare), I do feel a sense of pride that I was able to keep him out of harms way. Perhaps pride is not the right word–relief may be more appropriate.

Third, I wondered immediately afterward weather simply yelling at the guy was enough. Of course the idea ran through my head that maybe a physical message could have been delivered–but I think that would have ultimately been counter productive. Since the man “dropped” things when I yelled, there was and shouldn’t have been any need to escalate things further.

Fourth, sort of following on the previous thought, there probably was no need to get the police or 311 involved. It’s not worth their time or my time to file a report. Nor do I think they’d be able to do anything with the mystery man. I don’t think they’d have the authority to get the man some mental-health help (without him voluntarily going).

Fifth, as the day has progressed, and I think about this morning’s episode more, I’m only left to wonder–what if this altercation was the man’s way of seeking help. The man never spoke or made any verbalization. That look I saw in his eyes seemed to really reveal that he was a troubled individual. His physical appearance in and of itself provided ample evidence to that diagnosis; but the look in his eyes, showed something much deeper. He really seemed to be a confused man. His lack of speech, empathy or visible emotion as well spoke louder than any words would have.

I’m left to wonder–was this man possibly not seeking my belongings, but seeking help for his troubles? What troubles me is the curiosity–what could I have done to help this man? Why me of all people? Was this some sort of test, like the parables I was taught in Day School about interactions with a stranger? How was I supposed to respond?

I’m at a bit of a loss in all this. Ultimately though, I’m simply happy that my brother and I are both safe and no one got hurt in the process.

A good night’s sleep?

Didn’t sleep well last night. I don’t really know why. I woke up a lot in the early morning hours. Fell back asleep, only to wake back up again. Needless to say, I’ve been quire tired today. Even dozed off on the bus!

The night before, I was awoken a few times by The Brother. The worst awakening though came at 2:30am. He woke me to complain that he was feeling sick and had nausea. He insisted on some ginger-ale….even to ask if “there are any 24h stores nearby”.

Luckily for both me and The Brother, a couple of months ago The Sister had fallen ill with neuasea. She’d asked me to pick up a 6-pack of ginger ale and crackers on the way home. (It was at this time I also learned Saltines are marked OU-D…but that’s a separate story for another time). Duane Reade didn’t carry and 6 packs, so I had to get a case (12-cans). She didn’t go through the case so some have remained in our fridge. Thankfully, I found one at that ungodly hour Saturday AM, and was able to take care of The Brother. [Note: upon awakening for good later in the AM he felt fine]/

The things one does for their family….

Here’s to hoping for a good night’s sleep….

Pickle Day

The Sister informed and the Brother that today on the Lower East Side was going to be a “pickle fair”.

The Tenth Annual NYC International Pickle Fair no less!
Indeed–there is such a fair annually. Only fitting that it’s held on the LES as well.

Not only did we get to sample all sorts of yummy pickles (I’m a fan of full sour, whereas Sister and Brother like half-sour). There were other interesting pickled items on display as well (and kimchi was represented too).

Probably the most interesting thing I tried was the truffled pickles. Good stuff! Pickles on a stick–a bit of a bizarre novelty

Alas, we were pressed for time, as we had to get back up town to get The Brother to La Guardia for his flight home, but we all had a good time and lots of tasty pickles!.

It’s raining, it’s pouring

….and my younger brother is in my room snoring…

Yes..The Brother (I guess we can’t call him “little” any more) is here..

Oh and he occasionally sleep talks too!

(Time for him to undergo polysomnography!)

Now I”ve got my hands full