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Hannukah Bush

The idea of my sister wanting to have a “Hannukah Bush” in the apartment, somehow came up at Grandma’s dining room table this weekend, amongst family.

To recap from last year, my sister wanted to get some little tree like plant to decorate for the apartment, which I vetoed faster than (insert analogy here).

So when the subject came up at Grandma’s, the table fell almost silent.

I broke the silence by saying that if I saw a tree or bush in the apartment, I’d instantly toss it out the window and or take it downstairs and set it aflame. This was greeted by nods of approval from the Relatives. My sister though tried to spin this as a fun little decorating idea. But no dice.

It’s one thing for our balcony to be strung in lights (the sister does it, I could care less) or to have “Hannukah lights” wrapped around our Bamboo Plant of Awesomeness. But a tree/bush would cross the proverbial red-line.

On WikiLeaks and the like

Okay, everyone else is commenting on it, so I may as well follow the crowd.

On whomever in the US leaked the documents to WikiLeaks, that/those person(s) deserved to be thrown in jail and have the keys tossed away.

There, I’ve said my piece. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

How rude

Dear Patients with doctors appointments after 6pm…

If you’re not going to bother coming in for your appointment, at least give the office the courtesy of a cancellation call (24hrs ahead of online casinos time that is)–rather than making the staff and physician sit around waiting.

We do like going home too!


Back to the Big Apple

Came back this evening from Ohio, where I had a nice Thanksgiving weekend in Youngstown, with a very quick sojurn into Cleveland.

The whole family is doing well. Lots of food was served between Thanksgiving and Shabbos–yet I lost weight…go figure. The food was phenominal! Between the two nights there was Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, kugels, chicken soup and other yummy goodness.

On Saturday, in addition to watching The Ohio State University Buckeyes destroy that school from up north, by a mere 30 points there was cholent too! Cholent and rivalry victories = win!

Then Saturday night, 6 of us piled in a van for a trip to The Q for the Cavs-Grizzlies game. I’ve not been to a Cavs game since the pre-Lebron era, and things haven’t changed too much there. Though the Cavs won a close game in the end. Major bonus points for the flame throwing Jumbotron!

The downsides to the weekend had to be sharing a bed in the hotel with The Brother. Not only did he snore and sleep talk, but he also liked to kick me and wake me up at bizarre hours. Yeah…

Made the car trip home today with a cousin and well, it’s back to the regular grind I go tomorrow. It was very nice to be back in Ohio though. Yes, it was cold, but the warmth of the family being together offset the frigid temperatures. Oh–and is snowed!

Homeward bound

Tomorrow the Sister and i will be making a road trip with a Cousin back to the Buckeye State to eat some turkey and see family.

That said, I should probably start packing…though I’m feeling really lazy.

All of the family (mom’s side) is coming together this year for Thanksgiving. It’s the first time everyone has been together since Grandpa’s (z”l) unveiling two years back. No word though if I’ll still be relegated to the “kids table”.

The highlight of the weekend though, besides the food, will be to be in Ohio, for The Game!

Okay, maybe I should start packing


When I recently flew back from Chicago, I was randomly selected to go through one of those body scanner things.

Did I protest? No. Did it matter to me? No.
Was it also a little after 5am in the morning following a night at a wedding? Yes. [Tiredness was the theme of the day]

Anyway, I went in between the two scanner panels, and the only awkward part of it was Dra ut pa tur og omfavn hastigheten i Racing for Pinks – det siste tilskuddet fra Microgaming til spennende utvalg av online norske spilleautomater . getting my arms in the proper position (also secondary to being tired and cranky). But it was almost instantaneous and overall a rather mundane experience.

Did I feel like my privacy had been violated? No. My decency defiled? No. Heck, I felt much more comfortable in the scanner than I often do some mornings in my gym’s locker room.

That said, I don’t understand what all the huff and puff about the TSA and the scanners is.

Field Trip

Headed out to Lawrence, NY this afternoon/evening for a SHeva Brahcos meal for the Mr and Mrs. Curious Jew

It was very simple, quaint and nice. The cool thing for me was that I even recognized a few faxes/names from the L’Chaim party many months ago in The Heights. [I'm horrible with names/faces].

An aside: yes, I know I’ve not yet put up posts about my (fun) sojourn to Borough Park or to the wedding in Chicago. Alas, I apologize for that, but I’ve been extremely busy at work as of late and haven’t felt much like typing once i return home (plus this past week’s travels had me catching up). I do promise to have those ready soon!

Fear the sweater vest!

The Buckeyes pulled out a win today at Iowa.

They didn’t play too great on offense for parts of the game (dropped passes) and the D was shaky at times. Too many silly penalties too.

However, they came through on both sides of the ball in the clutch,

Oh, and the ABC announcers were atrocious! Not only did they seem very pro-Iowa, but they were just lame and monotonous. It was almost like Joe Buck calling an NCAA game!

Now the countdown begins for The Game!

Trip to Chicago

I went to Chicago Tuesday morning for my cousins wedding.

It was an excellent time.

The kallah who is always an upbeat and happy go lucky individual, was radiating happiness and excitement. (The chassan was also very visibly excited and happy too)

It was a very simple yet elegant wedding that had a very diverse group of attendees present–from those with streimels on their heads to those without kippot. All gathered under one roof for the simcha.

Got to see my paternal grandmother and many relatives who I have not seen in person for a couple years.

I will write more later. Alas, the celebrations went late into the night–and I had a 6am flight to catch back to NYC. (Had to get to work…boo!) So I’m sleep deprived and running on Diet Pepsi (beverage of champions!)

Will write more, possibly this weekend. I do have to write a post about my trip to Borough Park for the aufruf as well. That is after I spend Shabbos catching up on sleep!

Mazal tov to C & H –may they only know happiness for the many years to come!

On pseudonyms

A commenter, by the name of “Nudnik” asked why I referred to the chassan of the wedding taking place tomorrow as “Hobbes”.

I may as well take the opportunity to explain myself in a post rather than a comment.

Out of respect for people’s privacy, unless they otherwise give me permission, I will not use their real name on this blog. Even if someone gives their own name out on their b log, usually out of deference, I will merely refer to the blogs’ name rather than that of the individual.

As for why the name “Hobbes”….

The Curious Jew has an affinity for a certain awesome comic strip written by Bill Watterson. The comic strip features two main individuals, one whose name starts with a “C” (like my cousin) and the other with an “H” (like the hassan). Both C & H are inseprable–like the couple who will be wed tomorrow evening shall hopefully be for many years to come. Thus, I felt it would only be fitting to refer to the hassan as “Hobbes”.

Overheard in Brooklyn

Thug #1 to thug #2: “Yo, I only wear my

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seatbelt when I’m transporting drugs”

(Overheard in Kensington)

War on NaCl!

The mayor has his new quixotic quest picked out….salt.

Question–why is the City spending this kind Wir stellen dir aber nicht nur samtliche Roulettevarianten vor, sondern auch Roulettestrategien, Roulette Casinos und vieles mehr. of money (in it’s financially strapped state) on this kind of campaign?

/Just curious

Had a bad day…

I had a really horrible day at work this morning. I nearly lost my cool as well….which if it happens, is not a sight to be seen.

No offense, but I’d rather not talk about it…I’m looking forward to tomorrow to start anew.

That is all.

Browns Win (again?!?!)

A win streak? Such a foreign concept in recent years of Cleveland football!

The Browns upset the Patriots today. They managed to put up 34 points!?!?!?! (This is the same team that often struggles to get the ball into the end zone).

With the apparently weakened Jets coming to Cleveland next week, could it possibly be 3 straight?

Small victories

Another long day at work…with some setbacks (network problems deleting files, etc.)

Though some small yet important victories. Three successful physician Medicare enrollments, two commercial insurance credentialing completed. Successful insurance claim payments for new CPT codes. Not bad for a week.

Too many charts though for me. I fear that tonight I will be having nightmares about piles and piles of manila colored charts.

Tomorrow is going to be its own adventure at The Office.