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Noteable Quoatables

From our SVP at work on choosing an EMR platform:

“Choosing a database isn’t like choosing a girlfriend. A girlfriend you can break up with if things don’t work out. A database is more like a marriage, you’re stuck with it”

/Geek humor?


We’re in the midst of another “winter storm” here. The local media is having a bit too much fun with it if you ask me.

The coolest part of it all was the brief interlude of thunder snow which we just had. That was cool!

It ceases to amaze me though, how whenever more than like 2-3″ of snow fall here in the City, it’s a major deal. Is it my inner mid-westerner taking over?

SOTU: Yawn…

Here’s my unscientific prediction of how tonight’s SOTU and response are going to go:

“Whargarbl….talking point….whargarbl”


“Derp…talking point…derp….”

As such, I figured there’s no value in watching either the speech or the rebuttal.

Plus, I found reading about the riots in Egypt and Lebanon to be much more interesting.

Heat? Please?

So the Work Building has been on an interrupted gas supply throughout the weekend due to Con-Ed repairing some outside lines.

What this meant was there was little to no heat in the building all weekend leading up to today.

When I got to the office after the gym, I went to check the thermostats. One of them was way below the normal temperature set-point. The other had the air-conditioning system activated.

Yes, over the weekend, someone turned on the AC!?!?!?!

Slowly but surely though, we started to hear the banging on the building pipes, indicating the flow of heat. Alas, speaking with the building super, we also found out that a lot of the pipes were frozen too.

My hope fur Tuesday–that the office has some heat.

A new blog to read

Meet Liquid Encouragement

The author describes it as:

Welcome to Liquid Encouragement, a blog devoted to alcohol, drinking and the world/history of the greatest liquid created by mankind. There is no true form to the content that will appear in this blog. It might be a recipe one day, an interview with a local bartender the next, and an in depth analysis of the history of a spirit the day after. The beauty of the world of alcohol is that there are many components associated with it in various capacities. Contrary to the norm, it’s not just about how to make a martini. I’m much more interested in who is making the martini, who is ordering the martini, what alcohol they decide to use, where that alcohol came from and how the martini came into existence. This blog is my opportunity to explore the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of alcohol and expose to many unique people and factors that make this industry one of the most fascinating throughout the globe.

Now, while I don’t drink nor really like the taste of alcohol this blog is a definite must read. If anything, it enables one to extend their intellectual horizons.

It turns out I know the author of the blog well, and can definitely vouch for this person, their interest and enthusiasm for the subject matter and their overall “awesomeness”.

So be sure to visit/bookmark: Liquid Encouragement at:
(A domain name should be coming soon I’m told)

In a good mood

Very recent developments from a little over 24 hours ago have put me in a very good mood.

It even has me contemplating a celebratory Slurpee run in this 20 degree weather!

I’ll share the good news later….

But on the subject of good news, I now have a usable oven again at the apartment! I shall celebrate by purchasing tasty Kosher food to prepare at the butcher tomorrow!

But of course

So the office was open today for work (our next day off isn’t until Memorial Day!)

I had a few insurance companies that I needed to call and speak with humans at. Alas, the big insurers all seemed to be off today.

Oh well….it’ll mean more work tomorrow.

Football Day

The fact that it’s the NFL playoffs really kills my desire to do much of anything on Saturday Night/Sunday…besides watch football that is.

I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way.

Count me amongst the many surprised individuals at the Jets victory over the Patriots. The Jets looked rather strong today–especially in terms of their pass defense.

The NFC game though was over by the end of the first half.

Tomorrow I have to work….

Blast from the past

Yesterday, for work, I was surfing the web on a 56K dial-up internet connection.

It was s…….o…….s…….l……o……w

+++No Carrier+++

It brought back memories of my early days online. Freenet anyone? Dialing into the SHPL/CCPL to do research for school.

Especially since I had to use it to download files in order to access a new web based FTP client (go figure). Apparently the previous (stand alone special FTP client) wasn’t sufficient or something, so users had to migrate to a new portal.

All this had to be done over a special VPN, hence the dial-up. Yes, there is a broadband option available but for an office like the one I work in, it’s not cost efficient.

Oh, and why yes, of course this technology was for Medicare claims

I stand corrected

On my post from Thursday night about the suggested Zodiac changes, my much more learned and wiser uncle commented

We find references in Tanach that astrology was used, although not always correctly. Avram looked in the stars and saw he wouldn’t have children; he didn’t realize a name change could occur. Pharaoh’s astrologers predicted the birth of Moshe, and that water would lead to his downfall.

I actually know of people who use it today. For example, one teacher I know of determined the sign (water, fire, earth, wind) of the person’s zodiac based on their personality.

I will defer to his opinion.

My error was not putting my post in the context in which I had it formulated in my head. I meant to suggest that I was not amongst the crowd who was “falling over themselves” (like I saw a few friends do on Facebook) over the change in their sign.

Snow FUD

Okay, so the killer storm that was being forcast for NYC?

A few inches of snow…

In contrast Massachusetts got whalloped with a storm,

Though here some businesses did shut down for the day which hampered my work (damn you insurance companies)…

It’s winter time though people–what do you expect?

Horrible Choice

SO with the Ravens win today, one of next week’s AFC match-ups is the Ravens-Steelers.

My two least favorite teams in the NFL.
(Cleveland fan)


Annoying drunkards

Dear annoying Jets fans on Second Avenue–

I understand that you’re excited by your team’s last minute victory over Indianapolis. However, you’ve been standing outside the local dive-bar, drunk, chanting and hollering. Not only that but you’ve been dabbling in and out of the street, which leads to car horns being sounded.

I can both see and hear that you are are clearly drunk. While that is understandable, why can’t you keep your chanting to in the bar? That way people won’t be honking their horns, nor will it be as loud outside when I attempt to sleep this evening?

Speaking of which, since one of the local watering holes is named “Brady’s” and before the ’08 Super Bowl it changed its signage to “Maning’s”…will it be called “Sanchez’” this week?

Another week

Made it through another long week at work. Too many hours at the office though (and hence the lack of time/energy to post here).

Still alive and kicking–and hitting good numbers for myself in the gym. [I've got to be positive about some things, no?]