What’s your sign?

From the department of really stupid things that I don’t believe in to begin with: Astronomer says the zodiac

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is completely inaccurate Um…okay. I definitely won’t be losing any sleep over this one.

One thought on “What’s your sign?

  1. Uncle Ira

    Sorry, disagree with you on this one. We find references in Tanach that astrology was used, although not always correctly. Avram looked in the stars and saw he wouldn’t have children; he didn’t realize a name change could occur. Pharaoh’s astrologers predicted the birth of Moshe, and that water would lead to his downfall.

    I actually know of people who use it today. For example, one teacher I know of determined the sign (water, fire, earth, wind) of the person’s zodiac based on their personality.

    It may be hard to use and can be inaccurate, but it’s shortsighted to say it’s completely inaccurate.

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