Monthly Archives: February 2011

Dinner with relatives

So Tuesday night my sister arranged for a “surprise” Birthday dinner for me at Japanese Kosher eatery Prime KO

I put “surprise’ in quotes, as the Little Brother indirectly tipped me off that something was up.

The attendees included Mr and Mrs. Curious Jew, Mr. Engineer w/ Mrs. 1L, Mrs. mother of the twins and her sister. (An assortment of cousins–I won’t use their real name here).

Though I’d had a rough day at work Tuesday (the reasons for which are not appropriate for this blog), it was fun to not only see everyone, but also to enjoy some really tasty food. While I’m not a sushi person, everyone who had sushi raved about the “freshness and flavor” of the fish.

Then The Sister had also Conspired to get me a birthday fruit bowl–as she knows how I feel about cake. It’s quite funny to see a bowl of fruit with a candle in it. Thankfully though my hair didn’t catch on fire (like at another table that evening).

In all a good time was had with family, and it helped me salvage myself from an otherwise rotten day.

Oscar who?

No, no plans on my part to watch the Oscars.
Besides the simple fact that I have seen virtually none of the nominated movies, I’ve actually got plans.

(I’ll be in Jersey at a L’Chaim anyway)

Another day…another adventure

In the course of trying to make the “Transition” from regular “office worker” to “manager’ I’ve realized that I have an uphill climb ahead of me. Mostly because of the fact that I still (currently) have all of my old duties/responsibilities plus everything managerial that being heaped onto me.

Thankfully, my supervisor understands this situation and frequently checks up on me to see how things are going. I really do appreciate the guidance.

One of the skills I really need to work on is not just typing on my blackberry, but typing while walking! It’s a critical skill for me in the office.

Dinner with Family

Briefly, the Sister arranged a “surprise’ dinner outing in honor of my birthday with various cousins who live in/near NYC.

We feasted on dead kosher animals and fish at Prime KO, which was really good and everyone had a good time.

It even brought a smile to my face after a long day the office.

More to come…

Night out

Tomorrow night The Sister and I

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shall be dining out, to consume tasty Kosher animals.

More to follow…

Dear Neighbor

Dear unknown neighbor on the floor of my building,

On Thursday night, the aroma of whatever you were cooking wafted into the hallway and it smelled really, really good.

The odor was reminiscent of chicken soup with vegetables..

So synonymous neighbor, what was this beautiful smell from and more importantly, can I have the recipe?

Another year gone by

Tomorrow (Friday) is my birthday.

I don’t like making a big deal out of the day, as to me it’s just another day on the calendar.

Though, by coincidence, this shabbos is also my Bar Mitzvah portion (Ki Tissah)–and I remember standing on the Bimah at my old shul (which sadly no longer exists). Wearing the mandatory blue robe, I did my torah reading and chanted my first haftorah (Eliahu vs. the priests of Ba’al–guess who won that one?). Then the candy began to fly in my direction.

But I digress.

I’ll treat tomorrow as any other normal day, though to be honest, the one thing I really want to do tomorrow is spend some quiet time with my best friend. My sidekick and most trusted companion of 29 years, Happy Apple Bear (my original teddy bear). We’ve resided in 4 states, LI and two boroughs together, and Happy Apple Bear has always been there. Sure, it may not sound mature for a grown adult male to have a stuffed animal (Happy Apple Bear lives on a shelf thank you very much), but it’s the simple presence that brings a smile to my face.

Here’s to hoping for a year of continued success, good health and happiness.

Not so great moments at the doctors office

Patient this morning on the phone:

Mr. Meds: “My pharmacy says that Dr. Sleep hasn’t responded to their calls for a prescription refill”

Me: “What was the medication?”

Mr. Meds: “They’ve called twice and he hasn’t called it in”

Me: “Sir, what is the medication”

Mr. Meds: “[drug considered "controlled" by

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Me: “Mr. Meds, that medication is considered a controlled substance by the State. It can’t be called in….”

Mr. Meds: “Why didn’t you say so”

Me: “Mr. Meds, I have your chart here and we mailed the prescription to your pharmacy at 123 Pharmacy St”

Mr. Meds: “Oh…have a nice day”.

Working from home…

So I just did some work from home.

I ordered coffee and food for some meetings tomorrow…since despite my move up the corporate latter, no one else seems to know how to order stuff.
(People–it’s called SeamlessWeb!)

Perhaps there should be an SOP at the office on how to order food for meetings.

Though I must admit, it’s fun doing work in a pair of pajamas!

Too many meetings

I think I had four meetings to sit through today.

It felt like I went from 0 to 60 (in terms of the number of meetings).

No wonder my head hurts….

(Otherwise it was a good day…just not used to all the formal sit-downs)

Temporary Calm?

So since I work in an office full of females, and the people who sit around me at work are female, I knew I had to get something for valentines day.

Sidebar: In reality, I don’t really care whatsoever about valentines day. Perhaps it’s that I’m single–but to me, it seems silly. Assuming one is in a committed relationship, why should there only be one day (aside from say a milestone like an anniversary) for one to profess their love for their significant other?

While at Costco today, I decided to pick up a tray of mini-cupcakes and some cookies that the girls can have tomorrow at work. Maybe it’ll placate them for at least one day, and spare me (if not temporarily) from the “men are stupid” dialogues that come up too often.

And maybe it’ll provide a small boost of morale as it is Monday…

Being a good manager

I had my first “managerial test” on Friday.

Disgruntled patient shows up un announced to office. He’d called earlier in the day and already given one of my employees a hard time (I offered to speak with him on the phone, but was on the other line with an insurance company and he didn’t want to hold or get my voice-mail).

So this big guy shows up. One of my “employees” (really a co-worker, but on the org chart it’s one of my employees). goes out into the lobby to speak to the man in an effort to calm him down. Now this man is at last a good foot taller and 100+ lbs bigger than the girl.

He starts screaming at her, and like any good gentleman, I stopped my work, got up, had my sleeves rolled up and went out there are simply asked him “Why are you yelling at my employee”. The disgruntled man wasn’t happy at this. I told my female employee to go back inside (as a precaution) and to call the buliding super. The man refused to speak with me, demanding to see my boss (who I know was in a meeting with a client so she wasn’t to be disturbed). The man continued to yell, until the point that I just stood there and he stormed away onto the elevator.

One of the building employees then came upstairs saying that there was a report of a “mean Hispanic guy in a green shirt” on our floor. Evereone broke out laughing. Why? I”m apparently the mean hispanic guy!
(Question to those who know me–do I look like a mean Hispanic guy?)

[Eventually the situation was diffused and taken care of...but the patient had no right to yell at my employee]

Not sure if serious

It’s a story from the UK tabloid “The Sun” so take it with a few grains of salt…

Pills ‘for fattening chicken’

THOUSANDS of British women are so desperate for a bigger bottom they are risking their lives by taking pills designed to fatten up chickens.

The poultry tablets are packed with hormones that have been linked to breast cancer and liver problems in humans.

Putting my guess on xenoestrogens if anything.

The drama is behind me

My apologies for last week’s drama and my moody posts.

Let me (attempt) to explain a bit, while still maintaining quite a bit of secrecy.

Basically,I’d been recruited for another employment opportunity with a competitor which I was about to agree too. However, over the course of last weekend, a lot of things developed at my current place of employment and the situation changed dramatically.

Thus come Monday, I had a long (2 hrs +) meeting with the company’s second in command about me and my role within the company. This plus a lot of iinput from co-workers both pro-and-con about my staying where I am.

As a result, I was extremely torn up on the inside about things. My mind was a complete mental mess. Being a regularly indecisive person didn’t help matters much either. I was a walking wreck, anxious, had problems sleeping and, let’s just say, I wasn’t my usual self. I was on the fence, see-sawing from side to side. Lots of conversations with my parents too.

In the end, I ultimately made a decision on my own, based on what I determined would overall would be best for me. I’ve decided to remain with my current employer, but they have promoted me to a managerial role.
The competitor who was trying to recruit me is noticeably disappointed in my decision, as I would have expected them to be. I knew one party would be disappointed in my decision one way or the other, so that didn’t weigh on my decision at all.

I will not go into the reasoning behind my decision on a public forum like this blog, so please don’t ask for the details.

Having made a decision, I feel like a giant weight has been taken off of my back and I feel significantly better about things as a whole.

Now what I’ve got to get used to is the new volume of emails I’m going to be receiving and having my Blackberry connected to my work email. I’m also going to have to start working on my BB typing as well.

I’ve got a feeling…

There’s a new vibe around the office.
I’m not sure if it’s just my improved mood or if we’re starting to make a move back to the way

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we were when I’d first joined the company. It was like being in a dysfunctional albeit fun family. Here’s to hoping to a continued to return to that feeling.

Decision Made

I had an odd moment of clarity in the gym this morning.
(I also had a decent 6RM 3 board press too but that’s irrelevant).

Out of sheer randomness, I came to a conclusion on the decision with which I was facing.

MY fear, and self-inflicted anxiety are over.

I feel a heck of a lot better now then I did 24-48 hours ago.

Normal life to resume shortly