Pointless office chatter

When the girls who sit around me at the office start to chit-chat, I’ve learned that >95% of the time it’s best for me to keep my mouth shut. Often, it’s because I’ve got nothing to really contribute to the conversation. Other times, it’s that I just know better than to open my mouth.

The “highlights” of this morning were:

–Discussion of Lent and strange Lent practices.
–One girl claiming that you don’t have to follow the Bible’s rules because “The Bible was written by a man”
–Certain things that the Catholic Church regards as sins are hypocritical because of the church-pedophilia scandal.

Now as a

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good Jewish boy, I don’t have much of anything to say about Lent, Mass, Ash Wednesday or the Catholic Church and it’s politics. I did find the comment on the moral-relativism of the Bible to be silly and immature, so I just ignored it and went on with my work.

Then as the girls conversation progressed (apparently they don’t have enough work to do?) It turned into a “you know the UN has a special department for speaking to aliens…and Obama knows it, but the reason he can’t tell the US is because people can’t handle it”.
[Note, this came from a big Obama supporter too. It’s not piece of wingnutry].

That was a juicy quote to take a swing at, but I exercised enough self restraint, and instead just sat chuckling at my desk, shaking my head.

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