Monthly Archives: April 2011

Apathy Mode

I’m in one of my moods of apathy for much of what’s going on in the news right now. For example:

Royal Wedding….don’t care…
Obama’s Birth Certificate…..yawn….
Trump ranting on TV….shrug…people are listening?

Just saying….

Chametz Fail

So what did I eat after Pesach as my first Chametz?


Can of tuna…yes!
(It wasn’t marked Kosher L’peasch though!)

/Will go to the grocery tomorrow. Didn’t feel like it tonight.

Another Sunday to work

Unfortunately, I’m stuck going into the office again today.
I’ve still got work to catch up on from the past week which my employees spectacularly failed to cover me on. Plus, since I’ll be out the next two days for the end of Pesach, I’m going to get through some other work.

However, first, I have some more important things to tend do–such as getting some fresh produce for the upcoming week–yay Costco!

Pesach cooking

My biggest challenge here at the Apartment with Pesach is my lack of pesach cookware. As it is not

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logical for me to keep a “robust” set of Pesach cookware in The Apartment (lack of space) I spend the chag using a bare minimum of tools. That’s probably the hardest part of it all for me.

90+ of what I regularly eat is Kosher for pesach on it’s own (seasoning excluded). It’s just the lack of pans/pots that complicate matters for me.

A second rant, why must so many Pesach dishes be made with sugar?!?
/Discuss amongst yourselves

Back to the City

So I had a 453 mile commute to work this morning (thank you Google Maps for the distance estimate). Woke up in Shaker Heights and am now back in Manhattan.

Not very happy when I returned to work to find out that none of my employees stepped-up to help do some of my (non-managerial busywork). What made me even angrier were the extra hours I’d spent (many outside of work) writing up detailed “how-to” documentation (with screen shots no less). The documents weren’t even looked at. Nor did my superior even bother to show them. Needless to say, I’m surprised that I didn’t snap.
(Must have been the Kosher L’pesach bottle of Diet Pepsi I have at my desk).

So now I’ve got to try to catch up on 3 days worth of work (which I was already behind on!)


Chag Sameach!


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off to home i go…

Headed Home

Flying back to Ohio tonight for the first 2 days of Pesach.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take off for the full holiday, so I’ll be back to work Thursday. I’ve been told I’m “too important” to be gone. (Not sure if that should be taken as a compliment?)

Anyway, i think I’m long overdue for a break from everything anyway.

Front Desk Frustration

Dear New Patient,

You called a little after 9 this morning and exclaimed that you had to see a doctor as it was an “emergency”.

Fortunately for you, we had a cancellation in the doctors schedule and were able to fit you in for an appointment..

My short-handed staff took the time to make you a chart and I took the time to verify your insurance coverage, deductibles and co-insurance amounts.

And when it came to your appointment time…where were you?
Why did you not even extend us the courtesy of calling to cancel or reschedule your appointment?

The girls were

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not amused…

On the rumor mill…

I find it both amusing and disturbing to have found out that my name has come up on the local professional “rumor mill”.

I’m amused,

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because all that’s being said about me is highly complementary.

What bothers me is that i”m on the rumor mill in the first place. Sure I have a lot of contacts at various local DME companies–but of these contacts, I’ve met extremely few in person.

Since I know from experience how word flows amongst the local DME community (from previous occasions which won’t be recounted), I just wonder why I’m even worth a mention. Don’t they have anything more exciting to be talking about than me?

[Yes, I’m that boring!]

If it’s not one thing it’s another

Been very (read as

too) busy with work this week.
I very much looking forward to my series of days off for Pesach, though I know I”ll be worked crazy when I’m back

Mychelle shea thought just started short PAR-300-THP the you creates type problems.

for ch”m. Boo!
(Probably even a cameo appearance at work on Sunday AM to knock out some billing).

The girls started giving me a headache today again over something very petty (which they were wrong about no less) so I ignored them.

Then there’s our patients. The ones who think my name might be “Trash” when I tell them what my name is. (Really patients…you think someone’s parents would really name their kid “Trash”?!?!?!?!?!?) Plus my “fan club” as usual.

At least it’s almost Friday.

John Galt on Screen

Just read a piece in the Post saying that Part I of “Atlas Shrugged”‘s screen adaptation is going to be released on Friday.

Honestly, I doubt I’ll bother to see it.

First off, it’s unlikely to be playing in NYC. Second, the cost

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of a movie ticket in the city (~$13) is more than I paid for the paperback version of the book ($7 new at B&N months ago). Multiply that by 3

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parts…and well, John Galt would have you do the math.

Plus while the book made for an interesting read, I didn’t quite care for all the objectivist (sp?) ideology. Galt’s long monologue towards the end totally turned me off too.


The Cleveland Indians have

swept a series?!?!?!

Really? And it’s not that the Indians were swept!

Strange times we live in…

Theoretically Speaking


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a conversation at work today)

So if a manager is supposed to delegate work…

And another manager delegates work to a manager…is that work supposed to then be delegated to the “rank and file” employees?

(and the conversation slid into laughter)

Today’s Challenge: Baking

So “The Powers That Be” in the office are rewarding our department with a breakfast tomorrow,

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in honor of our significant increase in business last month.

Last week, I’d bought my staff muffins (from the Kosher Costco bakery) which they didn’t touch. [The rest of the company’s employees raved about them–fwiw].

I’d sent an amail to my staff about the muffins last Sunday, and so my supervisor shot me an email that same day asking:

“Did you make them from scratch?”

Being an individual with (occasional) creative reckless abandon, I saw that email as a challenge.

So for tomorrow morning’s breakfast, I’m baking brownies. In my kitchen. By myself. (No idea where the Sister is at today either).

Here goes nothing!

Styles of leadership

Observation from the week that past.

I’ve been told that as a “manager’ I must delegate more of my work to others.

At the same time, it’s my belief that a leader should do just what the name implies, and lead from the front. That often means taking the initiative and tackling what needs


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because chemicals ever experiment melon cheap viagra Amazon the know only naturally.

[Especially if you know it’s likely not going to get done otherwise–even if it is the responsibility of others].

Thus bringing up the question: Is a manager supposed to step-in and do the work s/he has delegated to others if it’s not getting done?