Styles of leadership

Observation from the week that past.

I’ve been told that as a “manager’ I must delegate more of my work to others.

At the same time, it’s my belief that a leader should do just what the name implies, and lead from the front. That often means taking the initiative and tackling what needs


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[Especially if you know it’s likely not going to get done otherwise–even if it is the responsibility of others].

Thus bringing up the question: Is a manager supposed to step-in and do the work s/he has delegated to others if it’s not getting done?

One thought on “Styles of leadership

  1. Uncle Ira

    No, you should not do it yourself. Make others work extra to get it done. (You’ll be surprised as to the higher quantity of work people will do once they realize the will otherwise have to stay late.

    If people don’t rise to the challenge, hire someone who will. And then let go of the poor performers.

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