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Urban Exploring

Today I decided to take advantage of the weather and finally visit the High Line

It”s a nice little walk on the city’s West Side. It’s nice, but narrow and small. Conceptually though, it’s a different way of thinking on what constitutes a “park”.

Personally, I like Central Park better….

Bonus: I mentioned my excursion to The Sister, only to find out that she’s never been!


Got to leave work very early today, because of a combination of a lack of work for me to do (I was too efficient) and the holiday weekend.

Nonetheless, I decided to take advantage of the glorious weather and go to Central Park.

Silly me, in my excitement driven haste, forgot that since it’s (finally) warm and sunny out to use sunscreen.

At least I recognized this in time and happened to have a tube of aloe vera waiting…

The lesson to be learned here: remember to apply sunscreen!

Another good day

Had a decent day at work. Only complaints was that the office felt too cold (the thermostat said 69 deg!) and that things are still going a bit slow.

Then again, I shouldn’t complain–I should just enjoy my “down time”.

First Day of Work

I survived my first day at the new job.

It was a slow day today. It was so slow, that it was extremely disorienting for me! I’m used to Mondays being the complete and total opposite! I even was able to leave at 5…the last time I did that was…er…um…

Anyway, today’s commute to work was dramatically easier than my previous first day of work. For my previous job, I woke up in Cleveland, went to CAK, flew to LGA (w/ 2 suitcases and a laptop in tow), went from LGA to The Sister’s dorm when wheeled my suitcases to the office.

Today’s commute was much, much easier (though it involved a detour to 7-11 for coffee).

This week is expected to be a slow week (or so I’m told)–so I’ll just keep learning the ropes at the new place.

First Day of Work

I’m about to head out for my first day at the new job…

My commute on this day of work is going to be infintisimially easier than my last first day of work commute was too!

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(More on that story later).

I think to mark my first day, I’m going to stop by 7-11 and pick up a cup of coffee. Working in close proximity to not 1 but 2 7-11 locations may not bode well….

Here I go!

Feats of strengh….

Or should I say feats of stupidity?

Today I told the my new boss I was headed to Costco to get some stuff, and asked if the (new) office needed anything.

Turns out they needed a coffee maker. So, I decided I’d schlep one home. (as the new office is very close to The Apartment).

While at Costco, of course I found many items that I needed (read as Diet Pepsi, yogurt, Kosher cheeses, blueberries, apples just to name a few). So here I was lugging home a coffee maker and 3 huge Costco tote bags with me, 4 blocks south and 2.5 avenues over to the bus!

A few of strength or stupidity….you decide….

[I did accomplish the mission though!]

Rapture Regrets

So the world didn’t come to an end today.
(As I feign sarcastic surprise).

What really irks me though is all the press this so called “rapture prophecy” garnered.

Final Day

Tomorrow is my final day at my current job. I’ve been with The Company for a sliver under 5.5 years now (yikes!) so tomorrow is going to mark a dramatic change for me.

Granted, this week has been anything but downhill for me. I’ve had to train numerous staff members on what I do (and alas, that won’t even be able to be completed). Teach a new staff member the billing software and the basic intricacies of our provider contracts. Handle my usual workload, all insurance verifications/authorizations (since the person who usually handles that is out) and handle more phone calls than usual (also due to absences). Plus tying up some last minute projects for other staff members.

That sad, tomorrow is the big day…and rather than it just being easy going…I’ve got a lot of work to do.

I think I’ll treat myself to a Slurpee after work though!

“No Thank you”

One of the people above me insisted on buying lunch for me and my staff in honor of my “departure” today.

She pestered me to find out what I wanted or would eat. I simply replied that I’d brought food with me, and didn’t really want anything. (No matter the occasion, that’s my typical response–especially when I’ve packed myself meals and snacks).

Nonetheless they ordered a salad from a restaurant for everyone. Why salad? They constantly see me eating different vegetables (or “Rabbit food” as some like to call it)-so that’s sort of my claim to fame. Veggies >>> Cake in my book.

But I really didn’t like having food pushed at me. There’s very few people who are allowed to push me to eat, and that list is limited to my Grandmothers, Mother and Aunts. People at work don’t make the list.

Alas, they also ordered soda to drink. Too bad they ordered two bottles of regular Coke. They all know that I’m a tried and true Diet Pepsi guy! [Bad habit--I got it from my father].

Thank goodness I’d brought an extra can for myself!

Time Trial

It’s my last week at the current employer.
My department is already short handed because one of the other two full-time employees is on vacation.

Thus, for my last week, I must do said person’s work, plus train a new employee from scratch (and on computer usage), and wrap up some of my own work.

So tonight at 6:30ish I get an email telling me that there’s going to be a “transition meeting” taking place at 10am, and I need to list everything i do in a table. The sad thing is, as the “jack of all trades”, I probably have too many things to list!
Not to mention the fact that I”m going to be busy in the AM getting all of the patient charts ready, insurances verified etc (for the absent employee!).

How soon until Friday?

Transition Time

Things have been quiet here lately for good reason. I’m in the midst of a personal transition.

I’m changing jobs.

The reasons and the specifics for my decision are not going to be shared here, nor are the identities of my current or future employer going to be shared.

All that I’ll say is that I’ll still be in the City, in a managerial role.

In as much with all these transitions taking place, I’ve been busy with writing up training documentation for work and corresponding with friends who have just heard the news.

So that’s where I’m at these days….


From the [Brandeis University Student Paper] The Justice:

Wakefield presents controversial vaccine beliefs

Now, let me start by saying, this isn’t a knock again Brandeis, as it wasn’t a “University sponsored” event. Rather it was a speaker invited by a student group. It’s just coincidental and ironic that Wakefield spoke at an institution which places such emphasis on “integrity”. [Aside: ask any a Brandeis student how much they're told about integrity during New Student Orientation and they may roll their eyes at you]

To quote a well respected, knowledgeable, and esteemed Autism Spectrum Disorder researcher and specialist:

“If you can’t trust the integrity of the researcher, you can’t trust the research,”–Source

Thus the irony in Wakefield, who conducted a flawed, methodologically poor study speaking at a university that prides itself on truth and integrity.

At least a columnist took a step in the right direction: Work to combat Wakefield’s glaring falsehoods

Good for this columnist!

Dissapointing? Bland? BLASPHEMY!

From Time Magazine: The Kugel Conundrum

I’m not sure how to say this without offending anybody. So I’m going to just blurt it out. Jewish food is awful. I say this with all respect. I’m Jewish myself — Joel Stein is practically a WASP next to me. But the fact has to be faced. And the question asked, isn’t there a way out of our culinary wandering in the desert?

Blasphemy I say!

“Jewish Food” (I assume he means traditional Eastern European Jewish dishes) are far from awful. In fact it’s the complete opposite. They’re rich and wonderful!

My grandmothers, mother, aunts, siblings and cousins would all tend to disagree with the author.

Sure, maybe the traditional Jewish foods aren’t anything fancy and don’t incorporate any new culinary trends, like “fusion cusine” or “molecular gastronomy”. come to mind. But what the author is missing is that there’s more to just taste to the dishes (which still taste fabulous) there’s tradition tied to them too. There’s a reason these dishes have become the staples of Jewish cuisine. They by and large also represent many of our ancestors [Eastern European] origins.

Sure, if you buy one of those off the shelf kugel or matzo ball mixes you may be disappointed (if not shocked at the amount of sodium present)–but try a traditionally cooked meal.

American Jews of my generation grew up eating: dry and flavorless brisket, cooked in a salty fluid of Campbell’s beef broth and Lipton onion soup mix.

I had never to this point in time heard of people making Brisket (yummy!) with Lipton onion soup mix and cambell’s broth. Much to the contrary, I’ve been at meals where people were sharing their own custom brisket recipes. [Note to self: make brisket some time soon].

Has the author never had a good cholent? Tried home made Gefilta Fish or chicken soup? Some fresh chopped liver on a home baked slice of challah.

While Eastern European cuisine may not necessarily be the ‘in thing” right now–it’s still got it’s own place in the culinary cornucopia.

Perhaps I have an “unrefined palate” as I don’t dine out much (if at all)–but I for one, still find “Jewish Food” to be very tasty.