Final Day

Tomorrow is my final day at my current job. I’ve been with The Company for a sliver under 5.5 years now (yikes!) so tomorrow is going to mark a dramatic change for me.

Granted, this week has been anything but downhill for me. I’ve had to train numerous staff members on what I do (and alas, that won’t even be able to be completed). Teach a new staff member the billing software and the basic intricacies of our provider contracts. Handle my usual workload, all insurance verifications/authorizations (since the person who usually handles that is out) and handle more phone calls than usual (also due to absences). Plus tying up some last minute projects for other staff members.

That sad, tomorrow is the big day…and rather than it just being easy going…I’ve got a lot of work to do.

I think I’ll treat myself to a Slurpee after work though!

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