First Day of Work

I survived my first day at the new job.

It was a slow day today. It was so slow, that it was extremely disorienting for me! I’m used to Mondays being the complete and total opposite! I even was able to leave at 5…the last time I did that was…er…um…

Anyway, today’s commute to work was dramatically easier than my previous first day of work. For my previous job, I woke up in Cleveland, went to CAK, flew to LGA (w/ 2 suitcases and a laptop in tow), went from LGA to The Sister’s dorm when wheeled my suitcases to the office.

Today’s commute was much, much easier (though it involved a detour to 7-11 for coffee).

This week is expected to be a slow week (or so I’m told)–so I’ll just keep learning the ropes at the new place.

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