Monthly Archives: June 2011

Vendor Fail

Tried to contact a vendor we use who hadn’t taken care of a regularly scheduled service.

First, I try the rep’s cell number: “this

number doesn’t take incoming calls”

Second–I tried the number on the card and laminated flyer “to speak with a customer service rep”. Same recording “this phone does not accept incoming calls”.

Frustrated…I decided to go pay their office a visit, since it’s 2 avenues from our office. Get to the building, and was told by a doorman that the person isn’t there.

Not cool at all…..

Piano in the park

Went to sit by the river and read a book today.

It so happened, that as part of a public art project, there are pianos in the parks.

As it would happen, there happened to be quite a talented pianist in the park at the time I was there, so I got to enjoy the sun, the sounds of the water and classical piano all together. It was sublime.

Back under the bar

Went back to training this AM. Started at a new gym–and the difference between the new place and the old one is night and day.

The new gym is what I’ve really been seeking out. It’s somewhere to go if you’re serious about training. The bars (and a variety of them) are all in great condition. There’s 100 lbs plates, a power-squat, a platform, solid plyo boxes, and a sense of focus amongst those there.

It’s in contrast to the old gym, which was also an art gallery, held vodka tastings, and was a more “unique” social scene. Not to mention most of the bars were bent…

Very happy with what I found and am looking forward to tomorrow morning,

Otherwise distracted

Still alive and kicking here…

I’ve just been otherwise “distracted” as of late, so haven’t bothered to post much here. The nice weather has something to do with it I suppose. That plus the fact that I’m now spending more time reading (both for work and pleasure) ties me up.

Back to watching game 7 of the Stanley Cup,

Recent Read

My new found free time has enabled me to get back to one of my favorite past times–reading.
(Granted, it’s not a very social activity, but one thing at a time)

Yesterday, I completed “Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory” by Ben Macintyre

It was an interesting and captivating read. Not necessarily a “page turner” but nor was it presented like a dry historical tome. It was history mixed with a narrative which made it much easier to read.

Also of tangential interest, the origins of Ian Flemming’s inspirations for Q and M are also introduced.

Back to the gym

Feeling a lot better now, so I think I’m finally going to push myself to try out a new gym tomorrow.

It’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve set foot in a gym and while this has provided me time to recuperate a few sore points…I miss being in the gym.

Here goes nothing!

Quick Review: Hangover 2

An okay film.

Parts were very predictable, especially since it was a sequel. Quite a few laughs along the way though. An enjoyable, albeit slightly grotesque film (humor wise)–but pales in comparison to the original.


Posting has been light because…..I’ve been relaxed!

No really!

Since starting the “New Job”, I am dramatically less stressed/pressured and feel significantly more at ease than I have in a very long time.

Perhaps a bit too relaxed for the time being, but considering how far out I was on the other end of the spectrum….I’ll take it!

Now if only I could retrain my body not to wake up when the sun rises and let me sleep in…