Monthly Archives: July 2011

Rooting for the rain

It’s cloudy out now…which makes me optimistic that we could see some (much needed) rain here today.

In fact–I’m really rooting for it to rain.

Not just because it would cool things down overall–but because it makes me feel much less guilty about staying indoors on a weekend!

Disgustingly hot

What more is there to say about the weather the past couple of days?

on the plus side there’s a new Fairway in the neighborhood–hooray!

more when I cool down

Quick movie review: Horrible Bosses

Personally, I don’t know why so many of my friends recommended this movie so highly.

It was rather lame and just full of (mediocre quality) dirty jokes.

For a movie about horrible bosses/workplaces, Office Space is still much better.

Structure of Sodium Channels

In an exciting development, in the online version of the journal Nature this new significant study has been published

The crystal structure of a voltage-gated sodium channel

A couple years back, R. McKinnon received a nobel prize for determining the crystal structure of the potassium channel–if that

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helps explain the potential magnitude of this discovery.

I’m going to see if I can get my hands on a copy of this paper to read it!

Very sad news

Fire Devastates Synagogue Under Repair in Manhattan

This is a nearby shul that I frequent. Architecturally speaking, the main sanctuary is simply beautiful. It is (was?) built in the architectural style of shuls from the turn of the century. Large stained glass windows and very well lit.

On the positive side, none of the sifrei torah were in the shul (secondary to renovations) In addition, no lives were lost in the fire.

Epic Soccer Game

The US-Brazil soccer match this afternoon will definitely go down in the US Soccer cannon as an ultimately epic match.

Probably with an even more dramatic finish than Donovan’s game winner against Algeria in 2010–the US Women’s team playing with just 10 players and horrendous officiating–still managed to win!

The officiating was worse than that seen in the US (men)-Slovakia game in South Africa last year. The penalty and red card call were definitely not a call…the red card was excessive. And the reason for the penalty retake? Suspect.

Granted, Marta’s early goal in extra time was a deft touch but nonetheless..

The Brazilians also showed a real lack of sportsmanship in extra-time….just look at Erika who went down (phantom injury?) had to be taken off by stretcher than could magically run again? That’s totally classless.

Dialogue in the Dark — NYC

This was an exhibit I’d seen a little over a year

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ago back in Holon at the Israeli Children’s Museum (Link is in English)

Now while reading the local paper here today, I find out that a similar exhibit is opening downtown at the South Street Seaport: Dialogue in the Dark

It’s definitely worth visiting! I can’t praise it highly enough!

Another day

Today the time just seemed to drag on….it’s as if 5pm couldn’t come soon enough.

I don’t remember the last time I had a day like that….

Rain rain go away

Why must

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it rain on my days off of work.
If it wants to rain when I’m in the office, that’s perfectly okay.