Epic Soccer Game

The US-Brazil soccer match this afternoon will definitely go down in the US Soccer cannon as an ultimately epic match.

Probably with an even more dramatic finish than Donovan’s game winner against Algeria in 2010–the US Women’s team playing with just 10 players and horrendous officiating–still managed to win!

The officiating was worse than that seen in the US (men)-Slovakia game in South Africa last year. The penalty and red card call were definitely not a call…the red card was excessive. And the reason for the penalty retake? Suspect.

Granted, Marta’s early goal in extra time was a deft touch but nonetheless..

The Brazilians also showed a real lack of sportsmanship in extra-time….just look at Erika who went down (phantom injury?) had to be taken off by stretcher than could magically run again? That’s totally classless.

2 thoughts on “Epic Soccer Game

  1. Jaws Post author

    I know for sure it’s on ESPN3.com right now
    I’m positive they’ll replay it–if not on ESPN or ESPN2 it’ll definitely find its way onto ESPN Classic.

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