Monthly Archives: September 2011

Not psychic

Anyone else have the experience at work where others expect you to know things…that until you’re put on the spot you have no idea about?

It’s as if one is supposed to be psychic or something…

Now were I to be psychic, I wouldn’t be so surprised that the Browns have started 2-1!

Working from home

The Company finally decided to implement a CRM (only took 3 months of me suggesting it…)

Alas, I now have to teach everyone how to use said CRM–and alas, it’s not like I have much if any experience in marketing or sales.

So it’s documentation reading night here….sigh…

Helmet Share?

Word is Mayor Bloomberg wants to roll out a NYC bike share program for 2012.

It sounds fine in theory…but what is to prevent people from stealing the bikes?

Also–if there’s a bike share program, will there be a complementary bike helmet share program?
(This is what you get when you’re around Neurologists too often)

Debates and Speeches…

No plans on my part to watch tonight’s “GOP Primary Debate”…nor do I have any plans to watch the President’s “jobs speech” tomorrow.

In my humble, and cynical opinion, both events are going to compete in terms of the volumes of hot air they produce.

I’d rather spend my time reading than listening to this nonsense.

Laboring on Labor Day

Didn’t feel like doing much today. Don’t know why.

Spent the time working on a Revenue Cycle Management project I have. Tedious? Indeed it was. Yet, I found a lot of revenue at the same time so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Oh well….back to the regular job tomorrow, and it’s going to be a busy one.