Older and busier

So I stared the next decade of my life this past weekend. I didn’t do anything special to celebrate it–I just kept things low-key and simple. In fact I slept a lot during the day. (My usual Saturday afternoon M.O),

Friday was very busy as The Work has moved offices. We’ve moved across town. The people responsible for planning the move didn’t plan well, so I’m trying

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to help out with things all while doing my everyday stuff. I still have a bit of exploring to do in the new area.

I’ve already found the nearest 7-11 (1 avenue away), a place to buy diet pepsi, the nearest Kosher butcher (it’s a block away). A coworker informed me

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that the nearby Dunkin Donuts is also Kosher (she was let down to find out that she couldn’t get her egg-sausage-cheese sandwich). I consider that to be good progress for a first day.

Now back to reading dry papers on medical reimbursement written by lawyers….

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