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On the rumor mill…

I find it both amusing and disturbing to have found out that my name has come up on the local professional “rumor mill”.

I’m amused,

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because all that’s being said about me is highly complementary.

What bothers me is that i”m on the rumor mill in the first place. Sure I have a lot of contacts at various local DME companies–but of these contacts, I’ve met extremely few in person.

Since I know from experience how word flows amongst the local DME community (from previous occasions which won’t be recounted), I just wonder why I’m even worth a mention. Don’t they have anything more exciting to be talking about than me?

[Yes, I’m that boring!]

Como se dice?

Como se dice “Oy Vey” en espanol?

Pilots lock down cockpit over praying passengers

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Pilots on an Alaska Airlines flight locked down the cockpit and alerted authorities after three passengers conducted an elaborate orthodox Jewish prayer ritual during their Los Angeles-bound flight.

Airline spokeswoman Bobbie Egan says the crew of Flight 241 from Mexico City became alarmed Sunday after the men began the ritual, which involves tying leather straps and small wooden boxes to the body.

Chicken Nugget Fail

One of the attendees at last night’s new years party is celebrating his birthday today. It’s a friend of The Sister, and for some reason, every year they get him chicken nuggets for his birthday. [I don’t know the back story].

Now if you’ve ever made chicken nuggets at home, you know how simple they are to prepare. Those of us Kosher consumers who have purchased our nuggets from Empire are familiar with the fact that there are preparation instructions on the package.

So last night I’m actually being social (gasp!) at the party and I notice this foul odor. Something smells like it’s on fire. I peek into the Kitchen and see smoke.
Now I know the sister is trying to make chicken nuggets, put how can one screw Kosher Chicken nuggets up?!?!?

I ran to grab a bottle of Febreeze, and then I found out what had happened. The sister decided not to make use of one of our baking sheets and bought two of those disposable cake pans at the grocery. Apparently she failed to remove all the glue that was used to fix the label to the pan and well, glue + heat = not good.

Unfortunate Signage

Today at Costco, besides my success

in finding some lower prices on the items I was looking for (yay!) I came accross an interesting bit of signage.

Right under the prominent sign, which reads “Kosher Bakery” atop the cake display case were a large number of “Merry Christmas” cakes.

While not as funny as the Hannukah Ham at Balduccis from a year or two ago, this still made me chuckle.

Nonexistant location

On the phone today….a member of the staff made a call to a patient who was severely late for his appointment.

Employee: “Where are you at sir”

Mr. Lost: “Oh, 48th and 4th avenue”

Employee:”I don’t think you’ll make it in time for your appointment. We’ll need to reschedule you”

Mr. Lost: “No, I’m almost there”

Me: “There place he claims to be doesn’t exist in Manhattan!!”

Employee pauses, puts patient on hold, starts laughing along with the rest of the office.

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(Mind you Mr. Lost had also called us 10 minutes earlier saying he was stuck in bumper

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to bumper traffic on a highway in Brooklyn)

Just another day at work

0 for 12!

I’m proud to say that I’m

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whopping 0 for 12 on this list: 12 Dumbest Things New Yorkers Do

Patients cease to amaze me

Even when they aren’t patients of our office!

Got a call from the office this evening that an individual, who we’ll call Mr. Smith was calling about his appointment for this evening.

Problem is, Mr. Smith (a pseudonym) isn’t

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on the schedule.

So the technician in the office calls me, says Mr. Smith called about his appointment, isn’t on the schedule, but Mr. Smith had mentioned he was referred by Dr. Jones (also a pseudonym).

Dr. Jones happens to be a physician at “A Major Hospital” here in the city, so I tell the tech, that I think the patient is mistaken in the lab he’s calling–he probably meant to call “A Major Hospital’s” lab. Though Mr. Smith

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kept contending to the technician that he was calling Dr. Jones’ office (when he was really calling our office which has no relation).

I tell the tech that Mr. Smith must be mistaken, as this has occurred (albeit extremely rarely) during the day. The tech further explains that Mr. Smith also made reference to going to a location that’s on the opposite side of town from us (we only have one location).

Mt. Smith called the lab again, and soon after, the technician called me back. I’m not sure what they discussed, but the technician asked me for the phone number of “The Major Hospital’s” lab to give to Mr. Smith.
Thank goodness I knew where to look online to help the technician out.

Now hopefully there willl be no more calls from the lab this weekend!

Paul Picked It Again

Wow…Paul the Octopus correctly picked another game in the World Cup!

By some quick math, the odds of him having picked all of Germany’s games + the final correctly is something in the neighborhood of 0.4%!

Too wierd.

/Otherwise the FInal sucked in terms of quality for final matches IMHO. The first half was a complete snoozer. Okay, the Spanish had the pressure on the first 15 minutes or so, but then they laid off.

THe Ref was waaaaaay too Card happy too…..

You know you might be a carnivore if

They know you by your first name at your local butcher shop…

But seriously, the guys behind the counter are all very nice, stand up guys. And the meat is pure Kosher goodness!

They also know The Sister as well. Thing is though, the two of us have never gone in there together–so they don’t actually realize that there are two of us–and that we’re siblings. (The sister tends to shop before her job in the AM–where as I visit on Sundays and after work)

A taste of NYC in Israel

Another recent memory from my recent trip.

On one small section of Emek Refaiim, there’s an Aroma Cafe on one side of the street and opposite it is a Tal Bagels and Max Brenner restaurant.

While The Sister and I found this to be extremely funny–the parents didn’t understand our laughter.

You see…here in NYC we’ve got a Max Brenner (Union Sq), Aroma Cafe (multiple).

Travel half way around the world and see the same restaurants! With the notable exception that in Jerusalem all of these places were Kosher.

Conversation of the day

While the girls are discussing Jersey Shore.

Girl 1: “What’s that quote…something like ‘it takes three things to make a guido…gym, tanning, laundy”

Me (passing by): “crap! I’m 2/3rds of the way there–I hit the gym and do my own laundry!”

Laughter ensues.

/No, I don’t tan on purpose. Only what sunlight I get in the summer time.

Relics of the past

Was delivering some boxes to HR today from an insurance company, as our annual open enrollment period nears.

HR was surprised by the size and quantities of boxes received from said insurer. HR has me open a box, and I begin to laugh at the contents. HR starts to laugh too.

The insurer sent us paper copies of the provider directory…which is just as easily accessible online! Heck–for that matter, most insurance companies have done away with paper directories for that reason.

The same goes for provider manuals–all online (PDF files), provider newsletters etc. It’s all electronic these days! (Probably because it’s a significant reduction in cost to the insurers as well!).

The humor one finds in the little things around a medical office.