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From the [Brandeis University Student Paper] The Justice:

Wakefield presents controversial vaccine beliefs

Now, let me start by saying, this isn’t a knock again Brandeis, as it wasn’t a “University sponsored” event. Rather it was a speaker invited by a student group. It’s just coincidental and ironic that Wakefield spoke at an institution which places such emphasis on “integrity”. [Aside: ask any a Brandeis student how much they’re told about integrity during New Student Orientation and they may roll their eyes at you]

To quote a well respected, knowledgeable, and esteemed Autism Spectrum Disorder researcher and specialist:

“If you can’t trust the integrity of the researcher, you can’t trust the research,”–Source

Thus the irony in Wakefield, who conducted a flawed, methodologically poor study speaking at a university that prides itself on truth and integrity.

At least a columnist took a step in the right direction: Work to combat Wakefield’s glaring falsehoods

Good for this columnist!

Of course…

Nothing at the alma matter can go without controversy.

This year’s invitation to Israeli Ambassador to the US, Amb. Michael Oren, is no exception.

From what I’ve heard of him on C-SPAN (taped speeches) he is quite a public speaker. His book on the Six-Day War was also phenomenal! (A definite must read if you’ve not done so already).

Alas, there’s always the noisy crowd at Brandeis who is opposed to everything the university seems to do. Ironically–most of these same students tend to take courses heavy on the “social justice” themes.

Ayers at Brandeis

So Bill Ayers is set to speak at Brandeis.

Honestly, it doesn’t suprise me much. With Brandeis’ connection to the radical movements of the 60s-70s, on the one hand, it does make sense to bring a key figure from that era in.

On the other hand, Ayers’ actions in are beyond the pale of respectability (in my book), and I personally am not excited by his presence at my alma matter.

Does it surprise me that he was invited? No, not at all. Knowing the noisy-fringe political groups on campus, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Is this invite going to effect the way I feel about the school as a whole–no not at all.

For the record, I only have positive feelings towards the school and I miss my time there greatly–sure I have minor issues here and there (e.g. Aramark sucks) but what student doesn’t?


Maddoff’s scam ripple effects

The sudden evaporation of about $50b via a Ponzi Scheme is going to hurt the economy as a whole, but especially Jewish philanthropy. Many of those who entrusted money with Maddoff were well to do and philanthropic Jews.

One thing, as a Brandeis alum, that stood out at me while reading the NY Post’s coverage of the fall out in Palm Beach was:

…Sources say Jerome Fisher, the founder of the Nine West women’s shoe empire, was said to have lost $150 million, and Carl Shapiro, who founded the Kay Windsor garment company, reportedly lost $400 million…

This is the Carl Shapiro whose name adorns many of the University’s buildings….uh oh?


The (suspected) Al-Queda member, Aafia Siddiqui. who happened to by coincidence, have studied neuroscience at Brandeis has at long last been captured over in Afghanistan.

Fortunately, she’s been caught and hopefully the Judicial system will throw the book at her and lock her away for her crimes (not the least of which is attempted murder of a Federal agent).

Looks like the (small yet annoying )fringe contingent of the alma matter has their cause du jour for the fall.

On the wedding

Yesterday’s wedding was really nice. The ceremony itself was held out on LI at the Old Westbury Gardens (very pretty) and the weather was gorgeous! Of course the bride and the groom looked marvelous.

After the two were formally married, it was off to a country club for the reception. It was both fun in the sense of being a celebration but also as being sort of a mini college reunion. Some of my peers even regressed to their old collegiate ways. (No, only in a good way).

In short, it was a lot of fun and a great time was had by all!

Saying “Jehova” at Brandeis

The alma matter is now starting to get heat from all over the country over the way it handled a complaint that a professor said a racially insensitive comment.
My take is that, even though the professor is almost totally and completely misguided politically (he’s from the Sociology department–need I say more?), the way the administration appears to have handled things is inappropriate.  Furthermore, what ever happened to “truth unto its innermost parts”?

Whining in Waltham

The hyper-liberals at Brandeis are whining again, this time over university President Reinharz’s (correct–imho) decision to arm the campus police.

First there’s the new campus group against having armed police who petitioned President Reinharz.
Even the Justice editorial board seems to be carping about the decision 

Oh, just another day in the Brandeis bubble where the gun boogy-man seems to prevail.  Must be a Massachusets thing.

The lamest argument has to be this one from the editorial:

But we admit that there are potentially harmful consequences of having guns on campus, such as the promotion of a culture of fear and anxiety, as well as the possibility of weapon abuse by some officers.


The latest poor taste publication to occur at Brandeis is the publication of a poor taste (and non-funny) cartoon in the humor magazine “Gravity

Steve Silver has a good post up on this topic

The parody was in poor taste and wasn’t even really that funny; rather it was simply stupid.

The candlelight vigil can’t be too far off. After all, the Student Union already passed a long worded resolution about it.

Alas, finals are around the corner too, and may dominate the student body’s focus.

The magazine should’ve stuck with it’s professor quotations section–that’s what it was worth reading for!

[I’d add more but my keyboard isn’t working right–sigh]

Arm the police

From the Brandeis Justice:

After shootings, University police, again, say they should be armed

No questions asked…the campus police should be armed.

Second point: these would be armed police in Massachusetts. Look at how difficult it is to get a firearm in Massachusetts in the first place, especially in the Boston area. In being eligible to be armed, they’d virtually be run through the ringer.

For those needing a refresher on Massachusetts and it’s gun laws–just read No Looking Backwards (and just keep scrolling as they say)