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A dusting

When I went outside this AM (I don’t usually bother looking out the window)–there was snow on the ground! Finally!

Alas, it was what those of us from Cleveland would consider a mere “dusting”. Speaking of Cleveland, The Brother was off school for a second straight day due to wind-chills.

My instruction to him was simple: “Go shovel the walk…it builds character”

Alas, my words didn’t find the most receptive audience…

Back to the Big Apple

Came back this evening from Ohio, where I had a nice Thanksgiving weekend in Youngstown, with a very quick sojurn into Cleveland.

The whole family is doing well. Lots of food was served between Thanksgiving and Shabbos–yet I lost weight…go figure. The food was phenominal! Between the two nights there was Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, kugels, chicken soup and other yummy goodness.

On Saturday, in addition to watching The Ohio State University Buckeyes destroy that school from up north, by a mere 30 points there was cholent too! Cholent and rivalry victories = win!

Then Saturday night, 6 of us piled in a van for a trip to The Q for the Cavs-Grizzlies game. I’ve not been to a Cavs game since the pre-Lebron era, and things haven’t changed too much there. Though the Cavs won a close game in the end. Major bonus points for the flame throwing Jumbotron!

The downsides to the weekend had to be sharing a bed in the hotel with The Brother. Not only did he snore and sleep talk, but he also liked to kick me and wake me up at bizarre hours. Yeah…

Made the car trip home today with a cousin and well, it’s back to the regular grind I go tomorrow. It was very nice to be back in Ohio though. Yes, it was cold, but the warmth of the family being together offset the frigid temperatures. Oh–and is snowed!

Fear the sweater vest!

The Buckeyes pulled out a win today at Iowa.

They didn’t play too great on offense for parts of the game (dropped passes) and the D was shaky at times. Too many silly penalties too.

However, they came through on both sides of the ball in the clutch,

Oh, and the ABC announcers were atrocious! Not only did they seem very pro-Iowa, but they were just lame and monotonous. It was almost like Joe Buck calling an NCAA game!

Now the countdown begins for The Game!

Browns Win (again?!?!)

A win streak? Such a foreign concept in recent years of Cleveland football!

The Browns upset the Patriots today. They managed to put up 34 points!?!?!?! (This is the same team that often struggles to get the ball into the end zone).

With the apparently weakened Jets coming to Cleveland next week, could it possibly be 3 straight?

Very poor draw

NYT: Thin Crowd for Cleveland Campaign Rally

CLEVELAND — President Obama wrapped up a weekend of last-minute campaigning in Ohio on Sunday, addressing Democrats in an indoor arena that, in a sign of the “enthusiasm gap” that the president is working so hard to close, was little more than half full.

About 8,000 people attended the Democratic National Committee’s Moving America Forward’ rally at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center, a hall where the capacity is 13,000. The rafters were largely empty.

True, the rally was on a Sunday and on Halloween at that. But still, to only draw 8,000 in Cleveland???

Oh, and the Browns had their bye week today as well….

/Fun times in Cleveland again–it’s Cleveland!

Epic Upset

Browns defeat the Saints

Credit definitely goes to the Browns defense, for 4 INTs (two of which were returned for TDs)

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The Browns offense needs work, especially in the Red Zone. Okay, McCoy is a rookie, only in his second game, but 3 FGs and only 1 TD?

Still a win is a win

Browns lose again…

Thankfully the game wasn’t televised (w/o satellite that is). If I ever do get to see a Browns game broadcast, I think I’m going to have to find a brown paper bag to wear while watching.

On the plus side–they did hang two TDs on the Ravens’ D…but the Browns D is just as suspect as the Giants’ D.

More from the trip home: Baseball

During the trip back to Cleveland, the Sister insisted that we head to Progressive Field to watch an Indians game. She also happened to choose the game when the Indians were giving out free (Knock-off) snuggies.

Alas, I now own a snuggie and sat thru a 1h 50m rain delay at that.

One of the wierders parts of this family excursion was our ability to purchase tickets at the box office. You see, when i was younger and growing up in Cleveland, when what was then Jacobs Field opened, the stadium was always sold out. You had to buy your tickets when they were released for sale…otherwise, forget about getting to go to a ball game. The season was sold out.

Granted, the team was extremely good then….now it’s mostly no-name players. There was a sparse crowd at the game, and the inter-inning entertainment seemed more akin to what one would’ve expected to see in the movie Major League.

Baseball is still quite a boring game if you ask me.

Brother Bonding

While back in Cleveland for the weekend, on Sunday, I took my brother out for some quality “guy time”.

We went to his gym (where he very rarely goes). You see, the little brother is quite lazy and doesn’t like to exercise. Being the good older brother that I am–I took it upon myself to show him the starting steps to becoming a real man.

First two big differences between where I work out in the City and the brothers’ fitness complex was the size (his is significantly bigger and has more amenities) and the sign on the door “no guns allowed” (Ohio is a CCW state). The inside of the gym/fitness center was very nice and fancified–a lot like you’ll find in many a NYC gym.

I proceeded to take the brother to the free weight section. First lesson was on how to squat. (Brief aside: the brother is extremely, extremely anxious, so the whole process took some cajoling). I showed him the basics and worked with him to get the basics down. He proceeded to squat the bar a few times. Then despite his protests, I put 10lbs onto the bar and he nailed it. (Alas, he didn’t have the focus to do more).

Other lessons included the seated overhead press, rowing and bench.

My biggest thrill though (besides being an older brother that is) was the fact that his gym had a GHR (Glute Ham Raise). Alas, my small “club” doesn’t have one, and I’ve long wanted to try one out. It was awesome! I banged out 5×10 (and that was playing in conservative) and loved every minute. The Brother however was too much of a shpaz to try it.

All in all, it was a solid brother bonding experience.

Last one in Cleveland…please turn out the lights

OKay, save for the Medical/Healthcare sector–stick a fork in the City. With LeBron’s departure for South Beach it’s done for.

(I guessed he’d leave)

Quite interesting to read my Facebook feed. Between unhappy Clevelanders and Ex-Clevelanders and the delusional Knicks fans who thought they were getting him.
(Best post so far is the report of a dented fridge)

Question is are riots going to ensure in NE Ohio?

My brother the announcer

The Brother is at today’s Indians game at Progressive Field. He is there with a group of his, and for some reason or another, my brother was in the PA booth for the bottom of the 3rd inning announcing the Good Guy’s batters.

Alas, it was a 1-2-3 inning.

In addition he was featured on the Jumbotron as well!

Draft reservations

With the Browns, especially since they’ve “returned” to the league, their draft history has been iffy at best.

Rick Reilly hits the nail on the head with his column: “Not feeling the NFL draft”

The epic fail of Tim Couch in ’99 still lingers……

Though picking up McCoy in the 3rd round has the potential storyline of being a great pickup. I’m surprised he was around that long. Now if only the Browns had a target for him to throw to…..